L'arsouille del'universe

On the left, Condoleezza Rice, ex  American Secretary of State. On the right, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex head of the IMF.
They are attending a jolly organised by a PR group owned by a friend of the latter, in Yalta. A grandly named European Strategy conference, graced also by the presence of Gordon Brown and the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan.
B list then.
Strauss-Kahn appears to have put his problems behind him.....no penal proceedings for the Sofitel affair and no court appearances in the case of the Lille based prostitution ring. He's on the circuit again....  a small start to be sure, but with a little help from his friends.....
But what is Condoleezza Rice thinking of to be sitting next to him. Accepting his presence.
This is a man whose attitude to women has been all too clearly revealed. Women are objects, to be used and, in his case, misused.
I know she worked with Bush but can her sense of decency be so dimmed that she would consent to have any dealings with a man like this?
Or is it all right, in her view, as he is not going to lunge at a woman whose status is on a par with his own. Women employees and prostitutes are another matter...on another planet. None of her concern.
Given his conduct and her tacit acceptance of it, which one is the 'arsouille' of the universe?

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