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the elephants of love

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"the elephants of love" is a concept album setting the scene for a trip through future hypothetical history where human beings have disappeared. An alien family is visiting the Earth and discovers more about human beings. Only the elephants of love have survived on the Earth. Because they had found their heart...

This work is questioning both our capability to love, build, create and our tendency to ignore, destroy, pollute. It also comments the difficulty to trust, love and to be happy. However, this is a call for hope; here is an extract from "05- The charge of the elephants of love":
"We, elephants of love, shall reply to any call for justice, any call for solidarity and peace: this is our charge; to give birth to a "symphony of brotherhood"(Ref. Martin King, I have a dream) ! ...Today, "let us to the end, dare to do our duty"(Ref. Abraham Lincoln, Cooper Union speech), beyond the borders of space and time !"

In the loving memory of my brother Franck who is forever in my heart and who now shares my voice.

Nicolas Dubreil
PS: All the profits of this album are donated to SOS MEDITERRANEE

Recorded at Nagran studio-Dworek, Krakow

A rare, precious collaboration & an immense talent for all the participating musicians: Radoslaw Kopec (music, piano, keyboards, bass & electric guitar), Adam Stępniowski (drums), Kazimir Michalik (music & violin), Noël Philipponnat (music & guitar), Magda Bożyk (singing & story telling), Loïc Dubreil (music & piano), Maria Skąpska (story telling) Jacek Dubis (cello), Marcin Mączyński (cello), Radosław Zprzeginia (trumpet), Grzegorz Baran (Saxophone), Bartłomiej Szumilas (Saxophone), Katarzyna Rosołek (violin & singing), Sebastian Kaszyca (accordeon, piano & drums), Dominik Matczak (violin), Łukasz Laxy (cello), Szymon Fymon (double bass), and of course our sound engineer Marcin Postawa !!
Nicolas Dubreil (lyrics, narrative voice, singing, guitar, music & production)


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big somebodyThonon Les Bains, France

Suivre: @nicoldub

The concept of big somebody was born in the Sahara and in Burkina Faso in 1997. The idea is simple: everybody is big. Too big to fail.




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