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Bob Loblaw is the new family attorney, replacing Barry Zuckerkorn. He is portrayed by Scott Baio.Bob Loblaw first appeared in the third episode of Season 3, claiming this wasn't the first time he's been brought in to replace Barry, and that he could do anything Barry could do, but skew younger, alluding to Baio's experience replacing Henry Winkler (Zuckerkorn) on the 1970s sitcom Happy Days. He is a no-nonsense attorney who is always in the company of his stenographer secretary who records all of his meetings.He advertises his services with the slogan "You don't need double talk; you need Bob Loblaw". As is evidenced by this, his name is meant to sound like "blah-blah-blah". Underneath his commercial advertisement is the phrase "Bob Loblaw No Habla Espanol".Adding to the tongue twister-like aspect of the character's name, the third season episode "S.O.B.s" includes a newspaper headline that reads "Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb" and later in the season the "Bob Loblaw Law Blog".
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