The Cost Of Using Magento

Magento platform contains various installations that vary as the years go by. There are several platforms offered by the company which is the main variant of the final price of the project. When asking yourself the cost of using Magento, then you should majorly consider its platforms and below are few of them.

The Cost Of Using Magento (Ecommerce CMS)

Magento options

When asking yourself the cost of using Magento, then you should majorly consider its platforms and below are few of them.

1. Magento Open Source

The platform is of free edition and has been designed for small businesses and developers. The platform is free when downloaded but its launching requires something bigger than just downloading and installing it. It will require some extra costs which include hosting, coding, and configuration services. The minimum price for normal Magento configuration can be at $15,000.

2. Magento Commerce Cloud and Commerce

The platform here offers extra advanced functionality set which can fit other merchants that have bigger turnover. The versions can be used by the cost which is of dependence from the revenues of the gross sales. The Magento license can cost between $22,000 and $190,000 in a year so the merchant can generate above $25,000 if they select cloud platform.

Costs Of Magento

1. Hosting

Hosting price varies depending on the hosting type and the providers of the services. The unmanaged hostings can cost from the low of $10 to almost $250 in a month and the cost incurred to manage the host if from $190 in a month. These are for the open-source platform whereas, for cloud version, the managing host's prices are from $500 in a month to the dedicated servers. The commerce cloud platform of Magento is already hosted onto the cloud which requires the license costs that must be included.

2. Themes

If you want to make a more sophisticated and unique store, then the normal free and simple theme won’t satisfy you. You will be required to have the custom design or paid Magento template. Their costs can range in the current market between $29 and $499.

3. Extensions

Out-of-the-box features being offered by the Magento editions are so great and they can cover most of the basic needs of e-retailers. The requirements can, however, vary depending with the business whereas, at some points, there are default installations of Magento which lack certain functionality.when you have extra extensions of, Magento, it will help you in enhancing the capabilities of the store and it will be tailored into the unique needs of the business. The currently available Magento extensions are above 5,000 which many are free. Their paid prices are in module form which starts at $50.

4. Extra Support and Maintenance

When you have finished launching your Magento website, then you have to figure out how it will be maintained and supported. So you can seamlessly operate well as you yield great results, you should continuously polish up the website. The support and maintenance can be; regular updates, design refreshing, security patches installations, among others. The cost incurred still varies on if you will decide to maintain your store alone, or look for professional developers help. You should also consider hiring a Magento SEO expert to handle you ranking on Google.

The cost of Magento is not that much since it can be affordable. It is also a good thing that it varies depending on some factors hence one is flexible to decide which kind of Magento suits his/her pocket better. 


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