The situation is extremely worrying in Hong-Kong: people are facing injustice due to extradition law with China. Hong-Kong judicial independence is destroyed. No more freedom and no more democracy. Every foreigner working or studying in Hong Kong could be sent to China! Please object extradition to China with a million Hong Kong people together! #noextraditiontochina

Dear friends from around the world,

I am passing information sent by deeply concerned HongKongese colleagues and comrades:

Here is a letter written by a group of hongkong people who are suffering from physical and mental tortureing in the ongoing protest outside the hongkong parliament at Admiralty, outside Hong Kong Government Head Office. SOS!

'The power of China is growing stronger simultaneously with its abuse of judice. All the human rights avocates under risks if THE EXTRADITION LAW IS APPROVED. Hong Kong people are fighting for our earth village with our unarmed bodies, while you are reading this message. Many of our people are tortured by the police and injustice jury are ahead of them. We urgently need your help to send these important letters! Now we figure out one VERY CRUCIAL that only YOU can do for us! we really need your hand! After the more than 1 million people protest and all protest support from all the world on Sunday, Hong Kong government insistedly ignored all international and local voices and announced they would start to proceed with the of the evil law today. Time is running very short! Hong Kong people are figuring out all kinds of ways to fight against the evil government and we have written the following letters in one day. Now I need you to send all these letters to the related people which will definitely help us. The protesters have beening staying over nights and nights outside at the parliament building and trying to intertrupt the meeting in which the devil law will be offically approved! A student is shot by gun 30minutes ago(09:40am 12/06/2019,Hong Kong time) Please don’t hesitate to send the letters NOW to let the involved evil government officers know they have no point of return too if they vote for the evil law! It will definitely constrain their crucial vote!'

Please take action NOW and print this letter and post it to your local government. Share with your friends and with any influenter you know, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, the more international citizens involve, the more chances governments will take action. 

Find below open letters from people and governement officers as well as more information about the situation



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