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  • How digital journalism has affected traditional journalism

    Digital journalism has sparked controversy between progressive and traditional media and journalists. The debate on whether digital journalism is a danger to traditional media is complex and never-ending. Digital journalism reminds us of two main principles of journalism: empowerment and completeness/verification. This new media presents positive and negative consequences for traditional media.
  • Immigrants are not 'invading'. They are fleeing, searching for hope.

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    For the past few weeks, a caravan of about 4,000 immigrants, mostly Hondurans, fleeing their country have been making their way up Central America until they reach the United States. The goal is to leave the countries in which they do not feel safe anymore, where they see no sign of future or hope, to join the country of freedom that has been known as a "melting pot".
  • The Godmother of Rock 'n' Roll

    If I were to ask you 'Who invented rock and roll ?', I'm pretty sure the names Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis are the names that immediately come to your mind. And what if I told you that the musical genre we all know today as rock and roll was actually invented by a black, queer woman that went by the name of Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
  • Encore une oeuvre consacrée à Pablo Escobar...

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    Ces dernières années, le cinéma est envahit de biopics. C'est désormais au tour de Pablo Escobar d'être (encore) au centre d'un film, qui raconte sa vie et sa relation amoureuse avec la journaliste Virginia Vallejo. Les occidentaux semblent s'intéresser à la Colombie et à son histoire, mais ce film n'est ni vraiment historique, ni colombien.
  • O Sanity, Where Art Thou ?

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    After Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes, a wave of rumors started saying there was a possibility she would be running as a candidate in the 2020 presidential election. In an attempt to escape from reality, the citizens of the United States and mostly, the media, try to cling to any seemingly better human being than Donald Trump.