The Islamic Emirate welcomes the withdrawal of all American forces

Friday, 11 January 2013 06:29

1-ghKarzai has started his journey towards America with the intention to discuss the extension of invaders stay in Afghanistan for a few more years alongside other issues, so that he and his colleagues could enjoy bounteous privileges of high official posts and prolong their irresponsible political existence under the American protection.

Innumerable Afghans were killed in the previous eleven years span of the American invasion, their houses were bombed, they were searched out in the dark of night. They were imprisoned, wounded and compelled to migrate. In this incalculable dollars era, a lot of people died of hunger and severe cold. On the other side the American people also faced a lot of afflictions. Their children were killed in a futile war. They are facing a great economic adversity. Their international prestige was badly damaged. But the Kabul administration and the so called president and his cabinet does not feel commiseration for Afghan people and want to protract this calamity.

Beyond doubt the invading forces will ultimately quit, because the Afghans have always safeguarded this country with their own arms. They have lived in a free and independent environment. They have never relied upon the power of alien forces. It is remorse for someone who flings the whole nation in flames just to preserve himself for a short period of time. No sooner did the foreigners quit, the Afghans will start living under the cover of an Islamic government and in the environment of Islamic brotherhood.

At present the American officials have raise the possibility of evacuating all their troops from Afghanistan, it demonstrates that just like the French people, the American people have also accurately perceived the ground realities. They drew the attention of the white house officials that the politics of might is not going to yield in the case of Afghanistan therefore they should adopt the politics of wisdom and logic. We appreciate this step of the American public and all those societies who pressurize their government in the issue of Afghanistan as to bring this aimless war to an end and to evacuate all their troops.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes the withdrawal of all American forces from Afghanistan and considers it a crucial positive step forward in solving the issue of Afghanistan. Furthermore we regard it as a good luck for both nations for the reason that in this way the war will come to an end. Killing, irritation and calamities on both sides will terminate. Both of the nations will have a chance to live a peaceful, serene and prosperous life.

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