In Eastern Europe, a large-scale war of economic elites erupts

Nothing personal, just business. This quote, which became world famous after the film adaptation of Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather, is more than relevant in modern politics, where economic interests come to the fore. Of course, this is not about benefits for everyone and everyone. Only representatives of the elite await enrichment. And for the sake of this, wars are being waged, for the sake of this, the states are crumbling.

Ukraine has become a clear example of how this system works. Moreover, right now we have a unique opportunity to observe the height of the confrontation between competing elites — domestic and international. 

So, on one side of the battlefield, which has become a long-suffering country, Igor Kolomoisky is a well-known Ukrainian businessman. His capital is estimated at about $ 3 billion. In 2018, he took the fifth place among the richest people in Ukraine. At the world level, his position of course, is not so impressive, however, this does not prevent him from actively, though without too much publicity from promoting his interests in the United States. It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considered the lobbyist of Kolomoisky. It was in this country that he lived until his return to Ukraine. At the same time, the businessman received Israeli citizenship in 1995, which did not prevent him from holding senior positions in the local authorities of Ukraine, although this actually violated the law.

It’s no secret to anyone that it was Kolomoisky who was the main sponsor of the large-scale PR campaign of Vladimir Zelensky. It began during the launch on the Kolomoisky’s TV channel series «Servant of the people.» Zelensky played the main role there — a simple teacher who became president of the country. Such «programming» of the population is a non-original move, but effective. The results of the presidential elections in Ukraine an excellent proof of this, because a candidate with no experience or a political program, on populist promises alone, outperformed all rivals. He repeated this success in the parliamentary elections, as a result of which an absolute majority in the legislative body was received literally on the move by the party «Servant of the People» created by Zelensky.

As we have already said, the President of Ukraine owes his success to his partner Igor Kolomoisky, who, it must be understood, did not say goodbye to his money out of kindness. Now Kolomoisky is considered one of the most influential people in Ukraine. In fact, he became that very godfather — the shadow leader. This is already reflected in domestic political trends.

Firstly, the issue of returning of the PrivatBank, which was nationalized during the time of Poroshenko’s ruling, to the businessman is being processed. Secondly, decisions are being promoted in parliament that put pressure on its competitors. For example, Kiev decided to purchase electricity from Belarus, which hit tycoon Rinat Akhmetov, who practically monopolized the country’s energy enterprises.

Such an influence cannot but impress. It cannot but cause alarm to those who have provided themselves with a site in Ukraine since 2013. So, we are moving to the other side of the front, where world-class economic elites, in particular, George Soros, sharpen sabers.

The role of Soros in Ukraine is difficult to overestimate. Representation of the global network «Open Society Foundations » was opened in Kiev before the Declaration of independence of Ukraine, in 1990, under the name of the international Fund «Revival». Since that time, only officially the Fund has spent more than $ 200 million in Ukraine, financing more than 18 thousand projects, through which more than 55 thousand activists have passed.

The financial structures of Soros were sponsors of the 2004 Ukrainian revolution. They repeated this experience in 2014. In November 2017, the American billionaire received from the hands of President Petro Poroshenko one of the highest state awards in Ukraine — the Order of Liberty. Well, now thepeople of Soros have successfully settled in government agencies. What is only 29-year-old Anna Novosad — the new Minister of Education, and in the past a scholarship holder of the Open Society Foundation at the University of Maastricht worth. It is noteworthy that she returned to her homeland along with other such scholars at the height of the Revolution of Dignity and participated in the capture of the Kiev City Hall.

Virtually, Soros can be called the architect of modern Ukraine with all its pluses and minuses. Euromaidan brought to power not the most honest officials who began to cooperate with the International Monetary Fund. Ukraine received multi-billion tranches, but not only under the guarantee of repayment of the loan with interest. There were other conditions that preferred not to advertise. They concerned the privatization of state enterprises and the launch of the land market. Poroshenko, as president, pulled the implementation of these requirements, but Zelensky was in a hopeless situation, because he launched both campaigns at the legislative level.

Why does the IMF need Ukrainian land and enterprises? Everything is simple. The Fund is, first of all, its sponsors, billionaires, owners of transnational corporations. It is their money that is sent to various countries as loans. But would they just risk it for nothing? After all, not every state would ultimately repay the debt. Bankruptcy has not been canceled. Therefore, it is in their interests to gain access to something more substantial than the dollar. Thus, the price is land, natural resources or all the same enterprises.

Speaking specifically about Ukraine, it can be noted that in recent years, the country’s economy has been in decline, despite the generous support of the United States, Europe and international structures. Why? Because all this provided an excellent price for enterprises of national importance, industry, banks, agricultural land, etc. But there is one problem – Kolomoisky.

Ukrainian businessman understands how total privatization will end. Transnational corporations will supplant people like him from the Ukrainian market. Fair competition is a sentence for him. Given such bleak prospects, Kolomoisky has already begun to act, trying as little as possible to allow external structures to the country’s policy.

It is not surprising that the American media with a certain periodicity expresses violent criticism of Kolomoisky. But not everything is so simple with Trump. We remember how Rudi Giuliani said that Zelensky is surrounded by enemies who «launched a campaign against President Trump». Obviously, the White House fears Kolomoisky’s excessive influence on Kiev’s power, but the US president is not against using this resource to clean up Ukrainian government structures from people associated with Democrats and Soros. This is especially true now, in the midst of the American election standoff. Kolomoisky in exchange has a chance to get «indulgence» from Washington, where they drew attention to the serious financial fraud of the Ukrainian billionaire.

Thus, the confrontation of economic elites is methodically beginning to flare up in Ukraine. Of course, Kolomoisky is understandably weaker, but fighting on their land, having as a safety net lobbyists abroad. Soon, he may well begin to purge power from the people of Soros, bringing down the opponent of Patriotic and nationalist organizations, which, ironically, were born just during the revolution of dignity, which Soros supported so much.

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