Moldovan 'Democrats' cannot cope with democracy?

Ironically, it is the Democratic Party in Moldova that is engaged in the destruction of democracy.


The political games that the pro-Western authorities staged in Moldova have long trampled on all European values promised to the people several years ago. And even ironically, it is the Democratic Party that is engaged in the destruction of democracy.

Once, the Democratic Party, headed by oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, guaranteed a bright European future to the republic, but instead pushed the country into the abyss of decline and crisis. Now people no longer believe in empty promises, and the “democrats”, spitting on all the reforms, engaged in an unprecedented struggle for power.

There are not so many countries in the civilized world today, where all sorts of state institutions are being so ardently wield for the sake of achieving personal political goals. But in this list, Moldova may well get leadership.

The reason for this is the record number of president's discharge from his duties. Such an approach, in essence, casts doubt on the entire structure of power, to which there simply will not be confidence either inside the country or in the international arena. However, all this has long been of no interest to the ruling elite of Moldova.

Taking advantage of the president’s limited abilities in a constitutional-parliamentary republic, the Democratic Party, at whatever need, simply deprives the head of state, Igor Dodon, of his powers through the Constitutional Court, handing them over to the speaker of parliament. It should be noted that in the Basic Law of the country there is not a single word about this possibility. That is, the chairman of the legislative body or the prime minister cannot receive the reins of power. But this does not confuse the "European integrators" at all.

It got to the point that the president himself is not at all surprised by this practice. At the end of last year, Dodon refused to sign another set of meaningless laws, after which he himself announced that the ruling group would surely repeat its “focus” with the suspension, although he warned that the people would not tolerate such tricks for a long time, disgracing the country, which allegedly still seeking to Europe.

It is worth noting that this practice has become more frequent with the approach of parliamentary elections. The Democratic Party has long lost its former position. People disappointed in its promises. However, the problems of PDM do not end there, because even in Europe they are no longer trusted.

Brussels has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that populism, to which Moldovan "democrats" are addicted, has frankly supplanted European values.

Perhaps this is what makes Plahotniuc and his retinue fight so desperately for power, realizing that support is becoming less and less. However, the Moldovans who, thanks to the authorities, live in the country of illusions but not aspirations, have to pay for this “political slaughter”.

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