Countdown: Idlib militants begin filming chemical attack footage


According to the CPAF, representatives of Middle Eastern TV channels, as well as the film crew of the local branch of American television, have already arrived to film "chemical attack".

"According to the information received from the residents of Idlib province, at present in the settlement of Jisr al-Shugur there are filming of a provocative provocation allegedly using the Syrian army" chemical weapons "against civilians," the RT quotes the message from the Center.

In the future, video material is planned to be widely distributed in social networks. After that they will get into the news stories on TV.

Recall that the Western countries planned to conduct a provocation in Syria with the production "use of chemical weapons", in order to discredit the official Damascus, as well as Russia's role in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. In addition, Washington threatened that after this "chemical attack" intends to inflict a powerful military strike against Syria.

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