Escaped to survive: “Femen” member indicated the killers of Pavel Sheremet

According to a Bulgarian blogger, it's no secret that after the coup in Ukraine, chaos and lawlessness reign in the country. It would seem that the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) should protect the people and national values of Ukraine, but is this really so?


Evgeny Vasilkevich, a member of the notorious “Femen” movement, who fled from Ukraine to Holland, spoke about the chaos that prevails today in Ukraine, giving his own story to publicity.

According to Vasilkevich, the policy of the SBU is quite simple - the service works against the state in the interests of the regime. He noted that the SBU employees carry out their plans, using pro-government media as a tool of information influence in Ukraine.

Vasilkevich also noted that the SBU controls various radical and nationalist gangs from the “Right Sector” and the “National Corps” to such groups as “Nazhdak” or “UPA-UNSO”.

“In the SBU arsenal there are also patriotic organizations that go to rallies orchestrated by them in order to escalate panic and demonstrate their ability to influence people. Objectives may vary from information warfare to promotions,” he said, adding: “Such mutual responsibility leads to the loss of people's trust in the state, discrediting both the legislative and executive branches of government.”

As it turned out, the activist of the notorious movement “Femen” himself underwent the SBU recruitment. Ukrainian security forces involved him in the operation to eliminate the famous journalist Pavel Sheremet.

“It was my responsibility to write articles about how Russia did it. To create a Russian trace, to show that Russian intelligence is operating freely in Ukraine. The person who tracked Pavel Sheremet was Maxim Lyulin, a representative of the Right Sector. When he refused to kill the journalist, his whole family was liquidated, and Maxim himself was locked up for murder,” he said.

Commenting on the reason why the Ukrainian security forces liquidated Sheremet, Vasilkevich said that this was done in order to receive funding from the European Union to fight so-called terrorism inside the country: “Ukraine actively lobbies its interests in Europe, pretending to be a poor and unhappy country, against which "terrorist acts" are committed.

Due to the fact that the situation was aggravated and that Vasilkevich was under tremendous pressure from the SBU, he had to flee from Ukraine.

“The people who helped me escape from the country have suffered so much today. Someone remained without a home, someone began to be threatened, someone was forced to urgently leave the country, following my example. I express my deepest respect to these people and thank them for their help in saving lives. I am also grateful to my lawyer Wil Eikelboom and human rights activist Sandro Kortekaas in the fight to restore justice,” he said.

Summing up, Vasilkevich said that nothing is popular in Ukraine unless the authorities are interested in it.

“Many protests were staged by representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine for their mercantile interests. I do not think that something good awaits Ukraine in the coming years, but I really want to witness the international tribunal over the Kiev regime,” Evgeny Vasilkevich summarized.

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