Sheremet was murdered by the Security Service of Ukraine for EU's money

Evgeny Vasilkevich, a member of the scandalous FEMEN movement who fled from Ukraine to the West (and was also known under the pseudonym Dovlatov) claims that he is trying to get political asylum in the Netherlands, as he had previously been recruited by the SBU, witnessed high-profile murders, and now he is in danger, and therefore Vasilkevich needs maximum publicity for his history.


He himself is a vivid example of the "omnivorousness" of the Ukrainian near-political community. Vasilkevich managed to take part in LGBT parades and feminist actions, but was detained by the SBU for "contact with the Kremlin." 

It's hard to juggle it all - to stand at the base of the Femen movement, shocking the public with naked bodies and chainsaws, participate in Euromaidan but then be arrested for participating in the pro-Russian Narodnaya Rada of Bessarabia. Then be recruited by the SBU, become a witness to the high-profile murders, - journalist Pavel Sheremet and lawyer Yuri Grabovsky, who defended the Russian military in Kiev, then flee to the Netherlands and present evidence of the crimes of the SBU to European authorities. 

Vasilkevich via Skype told Valentin Filippov in an interview with the politNavigator's on how the SBU creates the Nazi street gangs and solves its own mercantile tasks with the help of terror . 

Valentin Filippov: We welcome a person residing in the country of tulips, other different plants, full of freedom, joy, fraternity. Hello, Evgeny Dovlatov. Evgeny Vasilkevich: Hello. There is, of course, the real name. Vasilkevich. Finally, I left the country that became my stepmother, the country of Ukraine, and I found a new mother, a new country, a new homeland, this is the Netherlands. 

Valentin Filippov: You, as one of the founders of the Ukrainian Femen, can you briefly say how castings took place? How did you pick the girls? Are tits important or lack of brains? 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: We always had brains, and boobs are not the main thing. Boobs were used only to attract public attention. And the world community. You understand, now in Ukraine everyone is ready to show boobs to be heard. But, unfortunately, they are not heard. Because all media belong to Pete and his team. 

Valentin Filippov: That is, the girls had brains, they knew what they were doing. 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: Of course. Therefore, backbone of the movement - like Inna Shevchenko, who now leads the Femen movement lives in France. And her life is much more beautiful than the life of modern Ukrainians and Ukraine. 

Valentin Filippov: By contacting the editors, you claimed that you left Ukraine as a result of pressure from the SBU, which recruited and accused you, the former Maidan supporter and member of Femen , of involvement in the pro-Russian movement Narodnaya Rada of Bessarabia. 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: The fact is that there was an investigation by the Dutch secret services regarding the incident that occurred in 2015, when I was accused of creating such an organization as the “People’s Rada of Bessarabia” ... 

They decided to recoup me in full. In 2015, they tortured me in the Security Service of Ukraine, killed a man in front of me, forced me and recruited me to work in the Security Service of Ukraine. 

Thus, I witnessed the murder of Pavel Sheremet and Yuri Grabovsky. I fixed all this, wrote it down. And with this evidence went to the Netherlands to tell people the truth. And to make everyone fight for justice. 

Of course, if it comes to the international tribunal, and I hope that it will come, that the Russian authorities will hear me, that the European press will hear me. And he will see, I am here, I exist, I am a living person. And I am ready to speak and show irrefutable evidence of torture and murder of people in the basements of the SBU. 

At that time, when the SBU arrested me, they arrested me during my assignment. I, as a correspondent, had to cover the drug traffic in one of the

pharmacies. What would you understand, they sold both heroin and cocaine. Not some opioid pills, but serious drugs. They arrested me there, brought me to an apartment, threw a grenade at me, mocked me, and laughed. 

My Ukrainian colleagues did not support me. Therefore, now I don’t even think about giving interviews to Ukrainian TV channels. And, in spite of everything they saw, blood flowed from me, there was torture, rape was, and they tried to make fun of me. Tried to make me a freak. Homosexual What is unacceptable to society. To play on contrasts. To discredit me to the maximum. 

And at the same time they continued to recruit me. They began to show me photographs of one of the politicians in Russia and Transdniestrian deputy Dmitry Soin, and ask me to go to Russia, make an appointment with him where he would be poisoned. I’d be the one to poison him. 

After that, I was sent to Kiev, I lived there in a safe house, on Lukyanovskaya Street, where the recruitment was based - this is Department “K”. Officially, this department is engaged in the fight against corruption and drugs. But not officially he is engaged in the recruitment of young guys. And it uses them as meatshields, which must commit terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine. And engaged in wetwork. And they receive money from the same drugs and from the same corrupt officials. 

Valentin Filippov: That is, street gangs work under them? 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: Yes! These are the SBU groups, these are the people who are recruited into these groups. Names are different. Right Sector, National Corps, Emery, UPA-UNSO, that's all. The names are different. People are the same. You just do not recognize them by their faces. 

Valentin Filippov: OK, so what about Sheremet? Who killed him? 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: He was killed by SBU wetwork team 

Valentin Filippov: Why? 

Yevgeny Vasilkevich: This is to get a tranche to fight Russian intelligence inside the country. In Ukraine. To show Europe that Russia ... 

Valentin Filippov: Why? Do people in Europe believe that the Russians came to kill Sheremet? What are they? Nothing to do? 

Evgeny Vasilkevich: Yes. The fact is that Ukraine actively lobbies its information interests here. And he is trying to powder all the brains, that we are poor and miserable, that we are being killed, that they are committing terrorist acts. But, in fact, the situation is completely different. 

They are simply trying to deceive the European community in order to draw more time, draw more money. They understand that if Ukraine makes a sacrifice from Ukraine, and if Europe intercedes for Ukraine, as a sacrifice, and recognizes it as a sacrifice, then it will not be able to retreat back. Because it is a loss of reputation. 

But I want to say that European society stood for European people. And the reputation can be only one - is to follow the letter of the law. This is to restore justice. Therefore, hear me, comrades, Russian journalists, comrades from European publications, I am here, I am ready to speak, I am ready to fight for justice. Please support me. 

Valentin Filippov: And why was lawyer Grabowski killed? 

Yevgeny Vasilkevich: Yuri Grabovsky was killed because he defended Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev. And everyone understood that if now, at the moment, he will exhonerate them - and a lot of mass media were involved, even the European community was following this case, so Ukraine could not fail to act according to the letter of the law. But the lawyer, since he also had a medical education, managed to prove that the bullet couldnt have passed into the skull. This caused a stir. So they killed him. 

For this, Artem Yakovenko and Maxim Chmilyov were used. One of them was a policeman from Odessa. Used my photos on a dating site to get acquainted with Yura Grabovsky. Yura was homosexual, and they used my appearance to meet him. 

He came to Odessa for a meeting, I was in Kiev then, he went to meet at Aeroportovskiy Lane, there is such a street in Arcadia, in an apartment that was rented by Artyom and Maxim. And there


    he was bagged by the SBU. 

    Then they began to interrogate him. In fact, the public does not know all the videos. What the public showed was two of eight videos. In fact, there is a secret volume. And they looked at which plot would be better, under what political events it could be launched. 

    We all understand that Artyom Yakovenko at that time was already in Egypt. He could not return from this Egypt. But he returned, he was arrested, because sooner or later all agents were disposed of. 

    And in this way they are trying to deceive the Ukrainian people and hang this crime on these guys. But when Yura was killed, not everyone knows, they tried to burn his hands, burn his legs, because the corpse quickly decomposes in a warm environment. And they had to adjust for time, to make it seem that the corpse lay for so many days. They did it, customized it, and the naive society believes in it. But this is not true. 

    Valentin Filippov: What should the people do? 

    Yevgeny Vasilkevich: People need to stop being led on by Praviy Sector, to understand that people earn money, all these automaidans, all other things. We need to realize that this is all the work of the SBU. And to demand from the authorities the fulfillment of laws. Just boycott them. And boycott this election. 

    Valentin Filippov: In general, good luck to you there in the Netherlands. 

    Evgeny Vasilkevich: Thank you. Let's hope the Netherlands loves me as much as I love her. This is not Ukraine, and thank God.

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