Where will the «reset» of the MH17 investigation lead?

More than five years have passed since the day when a Malaysian airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in the sky over Donbass.


All these years, the Joint investigation team considered the version blaming Russia for the disaster. But apparently, they could not find evidence of its guilt, because the views of experts turned to Ukraine.

Admittedly, enough questions have accumulated to Ukraine. For example, about why Kiev did not close airspace over the zone of armed conflict? Now this will really be taken seriously. The Dutch parliament unanimously supported a decision that could fundamentally change the situation and shed light on the events of five years ago.

The study of the role of Ukraine in a plane crash is long overdue. First of all, the Dutch lawmakers have spoken about this more than once. They are clearly unhappy with the one-sidedness of the investigation, despite the fact that at least part of the blame definitely lies on Kiev. Thus, an expert on air law Elmar Gimulla has already filed a lawsuit on behalf of the relatives of the victims to the European Court of Human Rights. It is about killing by negligence. It is not surprising that they decided not to advertise such a step.

At the same time, Malaysia and Belgium shared the positions of Australia and the Netherlands, which unanimously blamed Russia for the collapse. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, in particular, has repeatedly pointed out that Russia is being blamed for not providing evidence. It is considered that there is no point in explaining that Malaysia is most interested in the triumph of justice. Moreover, they perfectly see that the investigation, stretched over several years, does not give results, and the criminals were never punished.

If it was really Russians, then why there is no specific data? Why are the United States silent, whose satellite just appeared above the crash site? It is hard to believe that Washington would hide the irrefutable evidence of such a terrible crime of Moscow. Kiev is also silent, although at that moment two radars were operating in the Donbass at once.

It is curious that it is Russia that is trying to help the investigation most of all. Its defense department has already provided some important information regarding the rocket, fragments of which were presented in the Netherlands.

Based on archival documentation, a rocket that was fired by plane was sent to the military unit of the Ukrainian SSR thirty years ago. It is logical that no one returned Moscow arms and ammunition when the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Is it suitable to talk about the reliability of these data? Perhaps, first of all, they should be studied, because if they were confirmed, an investigation would have been finished. However, the investigation team simply ignored the new information.


Now the situation may change. Of course, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok argues that the task posed by parliament is difficult. He explains his position by saying that it will be necessary to achieve cooperation between Kiev and Moscow. However, such an evasion is hardly justified. First, independent human rights activists from the Global Rights of Peaceful People are ready to come to the aid of the investigation. Given that the speech is about an OSCE-based site, the organization will be able to provide the necessary support. In particular, on October 23 in The Hague, they intend to show a film that should revive the interest of the international community in the search for those responsible for the tragedy. Russia, given that it has already provided information about the rocket, is unlikely to refuse to help. And the new leadership of Ukraine may well release data that for some reason the previous authorities did not provide.

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