Poroshenko sent more money to Russia than to his own army

Petro Poroshenko, speaking on the eve in Zaporozhye, made a small mention, thanking people for “protecting the enemy”. Though, looking back on all the success of the guarantor, it can be stated that he is still right, and the soldiers who marched to the Donbass really defended the interests of the enemy entrenched in Kiev, writes the Ukrainian national anti-corruption portal Antikor.



But seriously, it is enough to look at the entire business empire of the president, and this is truly a real empire to understand whose interests are above all for him. It was foolish to believe that he would give up his notorious company “Roshen”, but the problem is that the president lives not only with sweets. Mr Poroshenko joined a number of major and even vital areas of the Ukrainian industry. So, if you are one of those who in principle don’t buy Roshen candies, you can appreciate what is yet to be abandoned.

In addition to eight confectionery firms, seven of its enterprises are in the agro-industrial segment. So, the guarantor fully provided himself with an “agrarian superpower”. But besides that, he controls the insurance business, the media, and also has a number of firms in the service sector. But Poroshenko was not satisfied with this, therefore stepping the presidency. However, here we have to sadly recall which slogans Mr Poroshenko came to power on. He promised the country membership in Europe, but in practice he is doing everything to prevent this from happening. He promised to fight the oligarchs, but only replaced some oligarchs

with others, now with his own. He promised to fight corruption, but instead became literally its king. In pursuit of personal gain, he bent the stick so much that no matter how skillfully he cleared the wake of all the fraudulent schemes, the "sides" are already beginning to crawl from all sides.

The defense is not the only scandal in which Poroshenko is mired with his entourage. Buying Lipetsk company "Starch products", which, by the way, is

located next to the "Roshen" factory, is another excellent example of how presidential schemes work.

When the company was put up for sale, it was acquired by offshore Chartonema Ltd, which, in turn, is owned by the British Morewig Ltd. By March 2014, Ukrprominvest-AGRO had already controlled 99.87% of the shares of the Russian company Starch Products. Their estimated value was at the level of 2 million dollars. What's the catch? Ukrprominvest is controlled by Prime Asset Capital, whose beneficiary, as everyone knows, is Petro Poroshenko.

The second most important person in the fund should be noted as well. Sergey Zaitsev is a longtime friend of the guarantor, vice president of Roshen, and at the same time the beneficiary of the JB Park offshore company. He also oversees the Intraco Management Ltd. offshore, which was used for cooperation with the Russian Gazpromneft-Aero Sheremetyevo.

And, actually, this is the whole cynicism of the president. In the midst of the war with Russia, he trades with the enemy without any backward thoughts. Compare the effect of the American US sanctions against the Russian Federation and the effect of Ukrainian sanctions. What is the difference? The US sanctions work in the national interests of the United States, and the Ukrainian ones in the interests of the Poroshenko’s empire, which by its own limitations creates a monopoly on trade with Russian business. I believe everyone knows the data of the State Statistics Service, and even though the EU countries in total occupied 42% of Ukraine’s foreign trade, Russia, with its 10%, remains the largest trading partner of Ukraine.

Here, for example, Oleg Zimin, in the ranks of the president’s partners, who had once sit in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Now Zimin is in charge of Poroshenko’s enterprises, which specialize in the production of batteries. And if sulfuric acid was bought from Belarus, then plumbum is from Russia, and we are talking about amounts in the millions of hryvnias. Well, they offset expenses. In the four years of the war, AvtoVAZ alone sold more than 200 million hryvnia. And all this is only a small part of what Poroshenko and his surroundings skillfully hide.

He came to power not in order to realize dreams of Ukrainians, but in order to realize his own. He turned the country into his own business, every element of his policy works to enrich the president and his henchmen. Is it because Ukraine is buying gas in Europe in reverse, and at times it is more expensive that it is waging war with Russia? Or because some people earn good money on it? And there is no

longer way out, they say this is a fundamental position, and if you still want, then go back to the beginning of the article.

In general, it is necessary to understand that with Poroshenko Ukraine is not in the cards of the European Union and, especially, NATO. The West made a mistake, relying on him, but the people were even more mistaken. Recent trends even suggest that Ukrainians may be deprived of visa-free travel. On the other hand, the president secured his retinue by abandoning the article on the illegal enrichment of officials. The Russian media likes to call Poroshenko the “Western agent” who is messing Moscow, but if you look, he has benefit Moscow more good. He did not lift a finger to free the Crimea, and therefore he understands that this cannot be done. He gave Europeans a reason to think about replacing the Ukrainian gas transit, which allowed Moscow to build Nord Stream-2. And finally, he is doing everything to ensure that the Euro-Atlantic course remains only on the pages of the Constitution.

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