Todd Simpson: Sochi summit as solution to European problems


It's no secret that the level of discontent of Europe's population has risen sharply in recent years - it's no wonder that the European Union is going through one crisis after another - the member states in the course of several years have been trying to fight the endless flow of migrants from the conflict zones of the world provoked by their overseas "ally".

A considerable number of refugees are from Syria, who fled from the territories occupied by terrorists and "moderate opposition" under US control.

Europe will not survive this crisis if it does not manage to solve this problem.

Is it even possible? Will a united Europe stop the flow of refugees and migrants that has been going on for the fourth year already?

No, it won't. The EU was placed in extremely uncomfortable position by its allies, and plunging into the swamp of the political games of the United States, the leaders of the EU had no choice but to continue to follow the course set by Washington to the detriment of interests of their countries, or to admit complete defeat and immediately end their political career.

At the same time, the war is almost over - Syria and Russia have completely broken the resistance of the rebels and terrorists sponsored by the EU, the US and Israel. - Every day the army is conquering more and more territories, which gave a very unexpected result - the Syrians began to massively return to their homes.

For the EU countries, this is a victory - a victory for the population and, at the same time, a victory for EU leaders who, having retained their face in front of their allies, can start dealing with the European Migration Crisis.

Now in Sochi, Russia is holding a regular summit on the settlement of the conflict in Syria - among the participating countries Turkey, Iran, Russia, as well as representatives of the UN, and this is a real step towards peace and solution of both the problems of the region, the peace process that can end the war that is breaking the country already seven years and the solution of the EU problem with migrants.

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