Three weeks ahead of the opening of COP21, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius hosts a Pre-COP meeting in Paris between November 8-10, a penultimate gathering of ministers from around one hundred countries. A meeting with civil society organisations was held on Sunday morning. Here is the statement delivered on behalf of Attac France, as a member of the international coalition Climate Justice Now. 

Distinguished ministers and heads of delegations,

My name is Maxime Combes and I am speaking on behalf of Attac France as a member of the international NGM coalition Climate Justine Now. I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share with you what shall be achieved in Paris. You can easily guess that the process of the negotiations and the State commitments do not fit whit what we expect from COP21.

Three weeks before Paris, we are facing a clear situation :

  • the mandate States have for Paris is to keep global warming under 2°C (or even below according to us, around 1,5°C) ;
  • the INDCs are leading us on a 3°C (or on a more than 3°C) pathway, according to the UN & UNEP last reports

The level of ambition of INDCs are inadequate with the mandate States received for COP21, and with what people from all over the world are expecting from you.

The emission gap between what should be reached (a 2°C ou below 2°C pathway) and the INDC (a 3°C or a more than 3°C) pathway is not a good starting point to move further later, as it is often said.

This emission gap is the starting point for new and for more climate crimes around the world in the coming years, that will . Those climate crimes, that none of you, around the table, I hope, can't accept, are climate crimes against people that will suffer the most from global warming.

Ministers, Scientists, journalists, activists, NGO members, trade unions, people, we all know that a 3°C pathway is not a way to have a fair and ambitious agreement in Paris.

We all know that higher emissions in the early years will ncessitate greater and more costly emission reductions later on in order to keep global warming under 2°C (or rather under 1,5°C). But the truly fact is that INDCs lead to at least 10% more emissions in 2030 compared to today, while the IPCCis showing that they should be reduced by almost 70% by 2050. This is not acceptable.

If the Paris Agreement welcomes warmly the current INDCs, without any strong and fair process to raise the level of ambition, here in Paris, the Paris agreement won't be at the level of ambition people from all over the world are expecting from you.

We are urging you to close the emission gap between the current 3°C pathway and a 2°C or 1.5°C pathway, without using harmful strategies and technologies, and this new effort should be based on the CSO equity review which is telling us that the developed countries commitments are not ambitious enough and should be reviewed according their fair shares.

Let me say that we do not accept that fossil fuel companies are now part of the Lima-Paris action agenda promoted by the French and peruvian governments, the UN and the UNFCCC general secretariats, which is a way to delegitimise the whole LPAA process.

I would conclude urging you to set up a fair, transparent and opened negotiations process: all accredited CSOs observers will have to stay in Le Bourget cafeteria like in Bonn three weeks ago? Or will you open the doors of all the negotiation groups and let us playing our observer role inside of the UNFCC?

I thank you for your attention.

(Information: we had three minutes each for delivering a short speech that is not covering all the negotiations and non-negotiations climate issues ; with other UNFCC constituencies (CAN, indigenous groups, gender and women group, youth group, trade unions groups) we had decided to focus each speech on different issues and since I was the first to speak, I decided to clearly say that INDCs are leading us on a non-acceptable pathway).

To be noted : among the minister speeches in response to our statements, we didn't hear anything in order to know if State governments were thinking about, and how, raising their level of ambition in order to come back to 2°C pathway. .

Maxime Combes, économist and member of Attac France.

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