Ma'am, the Bolsheviks were Jews

This is about the political tool of state, not about Jews. Capitalism as a world economy operates not only through what is taught but more powerfully, through what is never mentioned.

Queen Elizabeth II is seated at her desk in her private audience room at Buckingham Palace with one of her official red boxes which she has received almost every day of her reign and contain important papers from government ministers in the United Kingdom and her Realms and from her representatives across the Commonwealth and beyond. (July 2015) © Mary McCartney Queen Elizabeth II is seated at her desk in her private audience room at Buckingham Palace with one of her official red boxes which she has received almost every day of her reign and contain important papers from government ministers in the United Kingdom and her Realms and from her representatives across the Commonwealth and beyond. (July 2015) © Mary McCartney

A stately affair

Today is a stately affair, upstairs. We will view the world through the eyes of two heads of state, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Downstairs is entirely another matter.

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin. The Russian is far too passive and chauvinistic for my political tastes. 
And as my surname would suggest, I have a very Ukrainian reaction to him and to that country. However, Putin wrote an essay this week that requires our attention. From Russia, with love, as it were. It is on the Kremlin website in several different languages.

We have heard much of it before. But one predominant feature of the essay is worth the entire read for the context. In his wisdom, Putin subtly reveals the Soviet Union’s dark Zionist underbelly, in the Russian manner, using Ukraine as the primary example.

It is important to remember that wisdom comes from experience. Experiences that shake us out of our unconscious slumbered blind spots are incredible facilitators of awakening that alter our state of mind and elevate us to higher ground. 

We awaken through daily personal practice. And as we see ourselves clearly, we begin to see the world with fresh eyes. 

For me, personally, the crisis in Ukraine, and more specifically the dreadful American and Israeli response to it, over the course of the last eight years, has provided that experience. Worst experience ever, really, but also the most rewarding gains in knowledge in my lifetime.

The first thing I did was make a mistake. I thought I had understood capitalism, but what I had done was assume a positive attitude toward it. This attitude is not correct.


My experience has been that during the last eight years of the crisis, the loudmouths in the media have been the Zionists, not the Russians, not the Ukrainians. The Zionists. As the intellectual prophet Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wisely said, there is Russia and then there is the Soviet Union. Zionists ran the early Soviet Union.

Solzhenitsyn attempted to inform the world that the Bolsheviks committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. And he said the fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the “fourth estate” —the press, the media, and the profession of journalism— is in the hands of the Bolshevik perpetrators. Pearls of wisdom.

Pearls of wisdom elevate us to a level of purity, generosity, and integrity in our thinking that render them as truth presented in such a way that it is most helpful. Pearls themselves are not available on land. You have got to dive down pretty deep into the ocean to get the most desirous ones. But as Mrs Kennedy once said, “pearls are always appropriate.”

In the ocean of his essay, Putin references Russia one hundred years ago, the early years after the Bolshevik Revolution, and the tools of state the Bolsheviks employed.

Here, on land, good luck trying to find any real policy discussion in America today. Politicians and the media spend most of the clock trashing other countries with heinous lies and trashing each other with, well, trash. A continuous Zionist hate fest.

In America, Israel is treated as a local, not a foreign policy, matter. Barack Obama was the face of liberal Zionism. Joe Biden is a self-proclaimed Zionist. Biden is not Jewish himself, but "has three children-in-law all who are Jewish," according to Jewish Journal. Biden said "I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist." U.S. President Joe Biden’s very long career in our nation’s capital demonstrates that Zionism is, in fact, a political tool of the capitalist state.

The affair of Zionism is a dirty one, and we are still very much in flat earth territory. 

If you frequent social media and have observed the general obnoxious behavior of the people that call themselves “journalists” these days, it is like we are up against the petty bourgeois radicals in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Demons who demand acknowledgment, police language, censor ideas they dislike, and invoke hateful canards to bully people into accepting their views. In fact, we have valid reason to believe that the media today is run by an atheist conspiracy, not unlike the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. After all, the “Bolshevik Revolution” was an atheist financial enterprise.

The Bolshevik press instructed the masses and mobilized them to carry out the tasks set by the Communist Party. Like the period of the preparation and carrying out of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (February-October 1917). Bolshevik organizations also systematically published fiction with accusatory and revolutionary content; such as novellas, stories, essays, plays, satirical tales, and revolutionary poems. The Bolshevik press had a large network of correspondents and professional revolutionaries.

Those people downstairs appear as Bolsheviks and simply will not accept the historical facts we know about Zionism, like the crimes against humanity of the Bolsheviks themselves in Russia. The is part of the omertà, no doubt

You see, for the last two to three decades, capitalism has been like the “Fight Club.” The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

Everybody who has tried to speak this particular truth, such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, has been flatly dismissed, roundly smeared, and some even left for dead. But the very much alive Russian President is telling the truth, and quite elegantly, I must say. 

I myself wrote a long essay about this for The Saker Blog last year. I will be drawing from that here.

The topic is maybe the absolute most taboo topic that still exists in a world today where people, it seems, now openly discuss everything, even the most intimate details, and show everything in public, like a dark circus of unsolicited full frontal nudity. Maybe this is but the one last great taboo.

Putin only says enough to be highly effective. Just the right amount, in fact, in his essay:

“Modern Ukraine is entirely the brainchild of the Bolsheviks. We know and remember that to a large extent it was created at the expense of historical Russia. The Bolsheviks treated the Russian people as an inexhaustible material for social experiments. They dreamed of a world revolution, which, in their opinion, would abolish nation-states altogether. Therefore, borders were arbitrarily cut, and generous territorial ‘gifts’ were handed out. Russia was actually robbed.”

“The Bolsheviks, as I have already noted, began to arbitrarily redraw the borders even before the creation of the Soviet Union, and all manipulations with the territories were carried out voluntarily, ignoring the opinion of the people.”

Because the Bolsheviks were, in fact, largely —eighty-five percent (85%) — Zionist Jews, Vladimir Putin said just enough in pretty vague terms to make a white, willow thin Jewish lady with a Harvard degree and a Park Avenue apartment full of Chanel suits, a staff writer at the Washington Post, very, very nervous.

The dreadful Zionist Neoconservative journalist Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post is now clutching her pearls. In a little while Ms. Rubin will ejaculate a very loud, “antisemitism!” Truth sounds like hate to those who hate hearing the truth.

From the earliest days in the build up to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, as part of a purely political strategy, Vladimir Lenin attacked Tsar Nicholas II for his alleged mistreatment of Jews and publicly denounced not only all manifestations of antisemitism but everything but the kitchen sink that could be associated with it. 

After the Revolution, when Lenin took power in Russia, he endorsed the establishment of special departments for Jewish affairs in both the ruling Communist Party and in the relevant ministry, the Commissariat of Nationalities, headed by Joseph Stalin. Lenin had taken note of the higher percentage of Jews in the revolutionary movement than their proportion in the population, and he initiated the promotion of Jews to higher positions in the state and party apparatus. Lenin essentially took from Oliver Cromwell’s playbook. And, voilà, an elite Jewish politburo was born.

The Bolsheviks were largely Jewish, a tiny minority in a country with a majority of Russians and other related Slavs. In fact, the idea of a Bolshevik is a total farce. They were a small group and “Bolshevik” means majority. It was a case of white supremacy. White supremacists do not consider Slavic people white.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wrote in 1920, “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.”

There’s an uncomfortable similarity between the Zionist Neoconservatives in America —and their dedicated “intelligence community” such as the CIA and the NSA— and the Zionist Bolsheviks who ran the early Soviet terror agencies that committed all of the atrocities: NKVD, Cheka, KGB, and GRU —80% of Stalin’s Soviet government, from bottom to top. Zionists were responsible for conflict, in general, The Great Terror and the genocides of tens of millions Christians.

The similarities between white supremacists in the U.S. and Zionist settlers in Israel are not coincidental. The connection between the two groups goes much deeper than a shared disdain for “the other” as the esteemed Palestinian intellectual Edward W. Said wrote. In fact, the Israeli settlers epitomise the ideals and policies of U.S. imperialism.

Rather than viewing Zionism as a Jewish nationalist movement that broke off with Europe to create its own state, Israel is a racist project that appropriates Darwin’s racial classifications to remove authentic Jewish characteristics that antisemite Zionists find most appalling.

Zionism dictates racial and religious supremacy. Israel, a state built on ethnically cleansed land, thus operates under the veil of a democracy in which the Jewish population is the exclusive beneficiary of the democratic process. However, Israel’s Jewish population is itself stratified within an ethnic hierarchy, where prosperous Ashkenazi (white Jews of European descent, from Germany and some parts of Eastern Europe) dominate the economy, media and politics. In comparison, Mizrahi and Sephardi (Jews of MENA descent) suffer socio-economic hardship. 

If you have ever been to Jerusalem, you know what I am describing. The disparity is shocking. It is like going to the Jim Crow South in America. It is a type of white supremacy. It is racism. It is apartheid, but even worse. It is severe brutality, communist strength brutality. This type of racism means that Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post can write about everybody else and decide on their narratives.

Racism is all too evident in Israel. Ruling class Zionists cause the hardship that the Mizrahi and Sephardi suffer. Through rhetoric and vitriol they’re able to redirect anger toward African migrant communities who’re victims of greater oppression themselves. It’s a mess, but you never hear about it. The media, the Jerusalem press corps, sees to that. 

Zionism is a white, Ashkenazi phenomenon, based on the denial of the Orient and the rights of both Mizrahi Jews and the Palestinians, “the other.” It is white supremacy. Solzhenitsyn detailed it in the banned book, 200 Years Together, which documents the mutual understanding between Russians and Jews of the Soviet Union. Solzhenitsyn could have easily been writing about Neoconservatives in America.

In 1975, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 3379, which “determine(d) that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” Fifteen years later, on December 16 1991, that resolution was revoked. The UN had defined Zionism as a racist ideology. It was repealed in 1991 when Israel and the U.S. initially refused to participate in the Madrid Peace Conference.

Today, we simply cannot dismiss the most uncomfortable part, the longue durée, the distinct roles that atheist Jews have played in empire and in the installation of a suzerain or politburo in the Holy Roman, Habsburg, Russian, French, British, and American Empires, and in the outcomes of the Israel project via the World Wars and the British Zionist enterprise today.

But, let’s get one thing straight. Capisce? We are talking about a policy making minority of white, liberal, atheist, intellectual elites, not Jews, in general. This is about the political tool of state of identity politics, not about Jews.

Identity politics was yet another underhanded attempt to install policies of white supremacy via the tactics of British East India Company, predicated on the “representation” of approved minority individuals who appear as part of the elite class —educated, monied, brainwashed.

Nothing can be changed until it is faced. We are facing the failure of capitalism as a world economy, and identity politics as its vehicle.

Zionism in America today is best understood as what is left of the politburo —decades of clandestine operations of a rogue network of military-industrial complex officials and intelligence agents involved in an invisible government supporting a global capitalism.

The United States is not a nation and not a democracy. The U.S. was a republic and has been run as a capitalist empire since 1945. Neoconservatism is American imperialism. But the American Empire is not American, just as the Soviet Empire was not Russian. Neoconservatives are modern day Bolsheviks.


An image that is deeply associated with Britain’s pearl clad Queen Elizabeth is the famous "red box," a briefcase-style box covered in red leather that is used to convey daily dispatches from the government to the monarch.

The contents of the bespoke Barrow Hepburn & Gale presumably get to the point rather quickly. What somebody else might write a book about is simply called a “political tool of the state.” I would imagine that the young Queen received even more intimate salient points about geopolitics to draw from: “Ma'am, the Bolsheviks were Jews. We (the Royal We) funded and organized them.”

For certain, the young Queen was taught that it is a scientific benchmark that compliance is fear-based. If there’s no fear, there’s no coercive control. Thus, the fear must register as real to the individual. Compliance is not consent. Coercion, not compliance, must be seen in the context of the capitalism. It is no coincidence that every method of coercion has been used in varying degrees to impose public health measures in the age of the coronavirus. Coercion requires information, a lot of it.

The British Empire in India was firstly an “empire of information.” The British conquest of India depended principally upon the colonizers’ capacity to manipulate Indian knowledge about the Indian world. Colonialism in India should accordingly be viewed as a European venture of conquest and violence, established above all on “knowledge” and “information.”

Thus, for Elizabeth, Zionism simply advances the geopolitical agendas. For Elizabeth, religion is nothing more than a political tool of the state. In addition to knowledge and information (the media today) which is handled in America by Zionist outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post and The Atlantic, other tools of the state include, education, laws, medicine, and taxes. This of course, applies to people, too. People, like the Jews, are merely tools in the eyes of the Queen, focusing on “agents” rather than “states.” The Zionist agents manage the political tools of state.

Her Majesty’s heavenly worldview is an important one. In overlooking monarchy, we are overlooking a key component of contemporary capitalism, and a key component in the reproduction of vast inequalities today. The Queen’s view from 30,000 feet is a luxury we all need to luxuriate in.

After all, Zionism was a British endeavor, not a Jewish one. Out of the box, Zionism was designed as a political tool of state used to create conflict.

Zionism was a political enterprise of the British Crown. British imperialism laid the groundwork and set the precedent for Israeli settler colonialism long before the official establishment of the Israeli state in 1948.

Think of the Queen’s view as being from the near cosmos, where only the continents and their natural resources and bodies of water for transport of the looted goods really matter. The British settler colonization of Israel is an important part of the history of capitalism.

The largesse that has been written about the unique historical relationship between capitalism and the Jews is mostly ignored because it is crucial to understanding modern European and modern Jewish history and the capitalists want to keep us subjects stupid. And there is a protection racket. At close range, we see quite clearly that anti-capitalism and antisemitism have frequently been linked.

Capitalism as a world economy operates not only through what is taught but more powerfully, through what is never mentioned. That is wisdom metaphorically as precious as pearls.

The struggle for the last one hundred years has always been the same one —covert and cruel capitalist expansionism (imperialism) vs. good old Westphalian sovereignty. This conflict created the notion of “the West.” Whole governments subscribed to a lie snatched out of thin air.

The concept of “Western Civilization” coalesced in college textbooks and curriculums for the first time in the United States in the 1920s. It concept is a truly capitalist one. It is a materialistic idea that serves the ideology of capitalism.

Modernity, as we currently understand it, was conceived in England in the mid-eighteenth century through capitalism.

While the media has renewed its interest in “the elites,” the real issue is capitalism, processes of capital accumulation, profit extraction and other forms of capitalist exploitation. Everybody is trained to overlook the key components of contemporary capitalism, the key components of the persistence of inequalities today.

Capitalism as a world economy has been usurped by the power of a concentrated accumulation of resources, part of a systemic scheme whereby the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Israel is the locus of global capitalism.

Capitalism is treated as an economic system, but it is really no longer one. Capitalism has become an ideology, an all-encompassing force that rules over our lives and our minds. The culmination of a hundred years, the longue durée. A Hundred Years’ War on Palestine. In 100 years, capitalism has become a culture. Capitalism has become a religion, or better said a religion replacement. A Zionist death cult.

The locus of our loss of freedom in the U.S. is in the state of Israel. I have data to back that up. Simply calculate the trillions in U.S. payer tax dollars which have gone to the Israel project.

Here is the most important sentence in this essay: If we can free the Palestinians in the Middle East, we can free ourselves of capitalism in America and can free ourselves from the shackles of its ignorant “Western” world view and the religious-like psychology or brainwashing of it all.

If we look at the longue durée of the state of Israel beginning in November 1917 when conspirators entered into both Russia, creating the Bolsheviks, and into Palestine wherein in both countries they exterminated tens of millions of Christians, we get a pretty good picture. When the Nazis were defeated in 1945, and Russia was shut out of the “West” with the Cold War in 1947, Israel and capitalism were free to flourish.

Seventy five years later, the locus of our loss of freedom in the U.S. is in the state of Israel and law, medicine and academia —political tools of the capitalist state that have been implemented in America by Zionist agents.

Intellectualism as we know it today in the West is a feature of the British Empire’s Zionist enterprise.

Israel did not start off capitalist. —I know this from experience. I was going to go to Israel to work on a socialist kibbutz.— In 1983, U.S. president, Ronald Reagan, and his secretary of state, George Shultz offered a grant of $1.5 billion if the Israeli government agreed to abandon its socialist rulebook and adopt some form of U.S.-style capitalism, using American-trained professionals.

President Putin described what some today call “globalism.” It is capitalism to be more precise. The final stage of capitalism is imperialism. There’s a Bolshevik’s embalmed corpse in a mausoleum in Moscow’s Square Red that will attest to this. Read Vladimir Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.” It is frequently argued that the origin and subsequent development of Israel can be understood in terms of the scientific conception of imperialism. The scientific conception of imperialism emerged during the First World War, and has been associated with the names of John Hobson and Vladimir Lenin.

Spoiler alert: Vladimir Lenin was a Fabian. The Fabian Society is a heavily influenced WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) club of British Marxism, Puritan Christianity and Talmudic warfare, conceived, like the Frankfurt School, by elite atheist Jews.

Vladimir Putin has described how Zionism is the hidden force behind all of the conflict, crisis and war around the world today. Zionists are responsible for the massacre at Srebrenica in Serbia that we commemorated recently. Zionists deny the genocide of the Nakba, too, and every other genocide they have carried out. Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, and on and on. Vladimir Putin knows this.

Zionism makes oppression, marginalization, incarceration, segregation, slavery, war and genocide possible through the law and a country’s judicial system. A country’s law is simply language. Zionist law language claims a single truth, suppressing and erasing everything else.

In the last 100 years, the agents of Zionism used terrorism and violence to establish a “Jewish” state in Palestine.

But, fear not. We are witnessing the slow death of the racket of white “Western Civilization” and white supremacy. The British imperialists created the social construct and like their Israel project and Zionism, it is collapsing like a house of cards. Vladimir Putin knows this.

I will end my essay with Vladimir Putin’s ending from his:

“Today, these words may be perceived by some people with hostility. They can be interpreted in many possible ways. Yet, many people will hear me.”

I left much, much less to interpretation. I am of Ukrainian descent. The Russian is far too passive and chauvinistic for my political tastes.

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