Scorie de la Guerre n° 2 - Yougoslavie - L'Agression continue

Once again this March, the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, the Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia and other independent non-party associations in Serbia pay tribute to the victims of NATO 1999 aggression on Serbia (FRY). This aggression took lives of more than thousand defenders, military and the police and their officers, and also of thousands of civilians, including 87 children.


Tribute to the victims - stop military exercises with NATO in 2019

The participants of the Conference unanimously endorsed two appeals.  The first addressed to the state authorities to declare moratorium on all military exercises of Serbia and NATO in 2019, as the year marks the 20th anniversary of the aggression, and thus pay tribute to the fallen defenders of the motherland and the civilian victims of this NATO aggression. The second is to invite all peace-dedicated organizations, movements and individuals to engage with a view to halting further rise of tensions and the deepening of mistrust in global relations, to stop the arms race and expansion of foreign military bases, to promote dialogue, partnership and equality as the only basis of normal relations between the countries, stability and development in the world, so to eliminate causes of the growing danger of a global conflict.


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