Gaza : Urgent letter to Holland, Fabius, Merkel, Cameron, to those who despise human lives if they are arabs' lives


Dear Madam Chancellor,

Dear Prime Minister,


You do not strongly demand Israel to comply with International Law and Human Rights.

You demand for Israel the right to self-defense. But it is very easy for Israel to make the rockets stop: it only has to comply with the UN resolutions and to return to the 1967 borders.

It is shameful that your words too often equate the occupier and the occupied. You cannot compare amateur rockets and F-16 fighters.

You avoid any serious pressure on Israel to force it to halt its aggression. While Israel depends strongly on trade with Germany/ United Kindom, and European Union, and on EU subsidies. It would be very easy to save lives by suspending relations with Israel as long as it violates the law.

Israel kills many women and children, because Israel targets houses. This is barbaric.

Growth in the number of victims is awful, largely civilians. These are war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity.

The European Union participates as an accomplice, by impunity accorded to Israel, to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.


Yours Faithfully


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