Independant Cybersecurity Researcher, Radical Crypto-Anarchist hacktivist.

Teh Internetz.

Sa biographie
Radical Crypto-Anarchist Hacktivist. Founder of the French Crypto-Anarchist Federation. Founder of Spartan, a Crypto-Anarchist group mainly composed of Parisian Crypto-Anarchist hackers and hacktivists. Independent researcher on Crypto-Anarchists paradigms and cyberspaces theories. Independent Researcher on Cyber-Powers genesis & repartition through the study of technological architectures of the whole technological stack & layers involved in the genesis of a cyberspace. White Hat Hardware Hacker and Low Level programming hacker (Experienced Assembly Language Jedi). Integrated Circuits Architectures, Microprocessor’s Architectures, Digital Electronics, P2P Networks, Radio & Optical Low Latency Mesh Networks, Telecom Standards, Hardware Standards, and Secure Systems Engineer / Developer / Researcher.
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