An infinite field of energy

An infinite field of energy wich open the closed problem.

The infinite field at the planetary level: space is filled with energy. It is a question of opening up the closed problem of the four planets of energy which we still have to consume. The social and economic model would be the following: the energy derived from the space would be free once the devices are depreciated, because in the area of ​​energies liberalism and especially the market has shown its limits. See the Chilean laboratory of Liberalism on another important and abundant resource: drinking water.
Replace with desert after some decade of industrialization. Each of them having received a share of water at the start has subsequently resold it for other projects or for reasons of cash ... To industrialists who used it and dirty. The poor have migrated to the big cities and piled up. In addition to the fact that the polluter pays principle is not effective, nor does it apply, we can see that vital rescue must be off-market and used more rationally. Whether in a planning view or individually in a process that is first of all an elevation of the level in management of individuals, then valorizations of the capital endowed the individual and not the reverse.

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