how to pass from the oral thought to the writing:

The birth of a new medium on the microwave or how to pass from the oral thought to the writing: how the microwaves use the infrastructure ? the ions go from the brain A, by an ionic flow up to a post and then goes to a network card and from the network card to the post to go to another brains B. And vice versa. My proposition dyes in the following chain driven thanks to vocal synthesis or rather in this case the ionic synthesis, particularly the directory: brain A. Post. Network card. Digitization. Blockchain software containing the place of brains the date, an owner. Speech Recognition. The encryption of the envelope or, envelope and content, with these data. Switch to the directory that drives the streams: example to a remote hard disk and a set of people. Post. Brain A and B and local hard drive. It is the whole which is certified (blockchainé) and which allows to open to the market. 98 percent of the time the stream is just put on record because we speak to ourselves. The rest of the time, it is the laws applicable to the media that are at work. This medium of our brains will be one of the most important in the future: For a memorial society.

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