What is the Blackbox project ?

general method design in robotic

- What is the Blackbox project?


- It's a method - How does it work?


- Draw two points on the area or area of ​​objects you want to analyze: an entry, an exit. We leave the exit. And we furrow the area with a Blackbox ...


What is a Blackbox? A black box with an entrance, an exit, and a stack, that is to say on which we stack things as and when they arrive. They happen whenever something changes to one of it's four levels, of different natures: Mechanical, Magnetic, Electric, Informational.


a) So we draw paths in the system and with each difference we stack the difference, then leave with a new Blackbox, the duplicate stack inside. As the path progresses, the map is traced. Once we have a sufficient number of Blackboxes in the area, we then unstack for each step of the stack we connect what is the same nature so we have the map that stands before us at the mechanical level.


b) we start again at the magneto-electric level ...


c) Then at the informational level. As a result we obtain an information system of the area studied automatically. How do we know when there is a partition? When there is a difference ...


How to map the computer system? By applying the Blackbox method: At different levels.


How to do with information? It's the same thing a time difference or signal level and you continue with another Blackbox and its stack. But do not go over the magnetic level, you would miss the disk storage for example.


The Blackbox has 27 dimensions in quantum physics and a synthetic information layer to be able to read while remaining human. That is 60 stack in all including a stack of stack.


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