Call to writers

The creator of the book chose a prime number of authors. The book is counted to the letter. The book is divided by the number of letters. Authors are paid proportionally on sales, printed letters to the number of printed letters. Each author conceives a branch: so that it is in the common core, which is the beginning of the book. When there are difficulties in agreeing each one of them design their branch with a deadline. Then we vote for the publication. The votes are divided as follows: fifty percent for the creator of the branch and fifty percent to be divided among the rest of the voters. If he has status quo with fifty percent of each side at the deadline, he has branch publication and printing. And in this case, the other authors can continue on other branches by excluding the author of the aforementioned branch. The printing is done all on the same date. Consequences, it can seem different books with the same common core, but the remuneration is made on the global sales.The system "Call to Writers " will work by dichotomy and recursivity until the purge of the contract that is to say the balance of any account subjected to the votes. vincent copyleft



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