Quebec’s Bill 62 is what Islamophobia looks like - Adoption de la loi 62 au Québec

Quebec’s Bill 62 is what Islamophobia looks like

«...If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because efforts to ban religious symbols in the province have been in the news since 2013, when the Parti Québécois government tabled a proposal to ban public servants from wearing religious symbols as part of its Charter of Values, which some argued targeted Muslim women in particular.

After the Parti Québécois was defeated in 2014, the Liberal government introduced their own proposal the following year, focused on banning covered faces. After tabling Bill 62 two years ago, the proposal was broadened in August to apply to include municipal services, meaning face coverings would be banned in places like libraries and on public transit. The majority-Liberal National Assembly passed the bill into law on Wednesday with 66 votes for and 51 against — the two major opposition parties who voted against it, the Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec, only did so because it didn’t go far enough...

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Some might say that this is just a typical case of overreach: In an effort to rid Quebec of tyrannical religious relics, secular politics accidentally became tyrannical itself. But this ban isn’t about religion — it’s about one particular religion.

It’s absurd to argue that these women — it’s estimated that there are fewer than 100 of them —  are a threat to Quebec’s secular culture, but their image is powerful, because they represent the kind of difference some Quebecers are uncomfortable with... READ: Too many Canadians don’t recognize the Islamophobia in their country...»

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