The ANR UTIC project at CERI and the Criminal Research Justice Centre of Queen Mary University of London are pleased to invite you to: Keynote address by Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights Co-organisers: Elspeth Guild (QMUL), Didier Bigo (SciencesPo-CERI) and Marie Laure Basilien-Gainche (Lyon III University
  • Date Du 28 novembre 2016 Au 28 novembre 2016
  • Lieu Sciences Po-CERI: 56, rue Jacob 75006 Paris (salle de conférences) 17h30-19h00
  • Réservation, inscription Pre-registration required : Sciences Po Guests

the discussion examine the relationship of surveillance by intelligence services in the context of counter-terrorism activities with human rights obligations in respect of the right to protection of the right to privacy of personal data. We will focus on the responsibility and powers of the different oversight bodies and their capacity of control when intelligence activities are transnational. Two types of state agency are of specific interest: the intelligence services charged with counter-terrorism activities and oversight bodies responsible for ensuring that those activities do not overstep the boundaries of acceptable interference with the right to respect for privacy justified on a reason recognised by law and founded on solid grounds. Three European states have revised and reviewed their legislation in respect of intelligence services activities, France, Germany and the UK. In these reviews, the legality of intelligence services counter-terrorism activities have been placed on a legislative basis (which was not always the case before) and made subject to oversight. The scope, intensity and powers of oversight have been to a large extent codified. The powers of oversight bodies have been debated and determined at least to a certain degree. In this workshop, we will examine the changing nature of the job of the intelligence services bearing in mind the increasing importance of data collection, management and interpretation in those activities. In this context we will inquire into the nature of oversight bodies and their powers to regulate and ensure the compatibility of intelligence service activities with EU fundamental rights and ECHR human rights.

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