The Myanmar Project: Streets of protest (4)

Since the military coup on Feb 1st, hundreds of thousands of people have taken the streets to express their anger at the electoral steal and their wish of a federal democracy governed by civilians. These pictures are the fieldwork of recent graduates in journalism who are now covering the protests from all around the country. In the fourth series, Monywa region & back to Yangon.
  1. 10/02/2021 - A morning gathering in Monywa region, Mandalay province. 

  2. In front of the cortege, a monk holds a bowl bottom up, a strike symbol in Myanmar, meaning that it won't be reversed and the strike called off until requests are received.

  3. People holds the flag of the All Burma Federation of Students Union, not to be confounded by the NLD flag.

  4. Education officers striking and taking part in the anti-coup march in a town near Monywa. 

  5. Education officers striking and taking part in the anti-coup march in a town near Monywa. 

  6. 12/02/2021 - Downtown Yangon, a protester steps on a poster of Min Aung Hlaing, the general who took over in a coup d'Etat on Feb 1st.  

  7. The Civil Disobedience Movement and the three-finger salute, a Boy Scout sign popularised in the movie Hunger Games as a symbol of resistance. 

  8. Protesters in downtown Yangon. 

  9. Downtown Yangon, a protester denounces the night raids by police and military at activists and civil servants's houses who take part in the CDM. More than 400 people have been detained since the coup. 

  10. Teachers march in protest against the army's claim that the November elections were rigged in favour of the NLD. 

  11. Downtown Yangon

  12. A protestor holds a bin bag with the portrait of army general Min Aung Hlaing (MAL). 

  13. Teenagers play the game Mobile Legend Bang Bang in a protest in downtown Yangon. On the board, the message: "Short-sized MAL - D°°° Face". 

  14. A cosplay of a Player Unknown Battleground character stands in downtown Yangon as part of the Civil Disobedience Movement. 

  15. Downtown Yangon. 

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