Paolo Cotta-Ramusino et Pugwash : une paix entre US et Taliban

A Doha avant les confinements des mondes, Paolo Cotta-Ramusino et Pugwash en phase avec la paix entre US et Taliban... C'est vrai une spécialité de Pugwash qui est de construire du sens dans ce monde...

Pugwash welcomes the agreement signed yesterday between the United States government and the Taliban on the planned withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The agreement is the culmination of engagement between US and Taliban representatives over the course of 18 months, which Pugwash has advocated for and facilitated. Since 2015, Pugwash has organized a series of meetings and consultations with a range of Afghan groups and individuals across the political spectrum to promote dialogue and the exchange of possible ideas toward decreasing violence and conflict inside Afghanistan.

It should be stressed that both sides must adhere closely to the agreement in order that it will remain in force and lead to the beginning of intra-Afghan dialogue, with the ultimate goal of a peaceful future for Afghanistan. Many problems remain to be solved: in particular, cooperation between the Taliban and other political forces in Afghanistan, notably the Government of Afghanistan, remain a fundamental challenge.

Pugwash is willing to cooperate with all political constituencies to support a peaceful future for Afghanistan and its people.

Paolo Cotta-Ramusino
1 March 2020, Doha

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