Lost souls

Ce clip a été réalisé récemment, en hommage aux 215 enfants autochtones sacrifiés dans une école catholique du Canada. Y figurent des photos d'époque du fameux pensionnat criminel. A voir.

Lost Souls © Tom Jackson

Lost Souls is the song of "silenced children". It highlights the grim reality of what is alleged by the survivors of the Residential School system, and the victim families who have been silenced for generations.

The damning anthem shuffles between the point of view of the children, to that of the government; quietly speaking the story on the verse, then intimately yearning in melody on the chorus. "In the world of truth and reconciliation, we will not find reconciliation until we find the truth. The truth may be painful, but the pain is part of the process of the sacred healing journey.

Although the work is difficult, it will directly contribute to the health and well-being of the present and future generations. 215 lost souls now have a voice. Darkness will not overcome us." Peace, Tom J.

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