Cristina Soler-Savini

I'm devoted to Art, I Love Theatre, Movies, I have a passion for reading and writing. I still think the world can be changed


Sa biographie
I was born in Rome in 1976.I lived, studied and worked in the Italian capital until the age of twenty-six.From the age of fourteen onward, I could not imagine a life for myself that did not involve a commitment to serving others. I soon put my love of politics into practice by joining The Democrats1 of the Left (a party belonging to the Socialist International) at a very early age.I served as Eur-Laurentino branch secretary (with Massimo d’Alema’s unforgettable activist mother and with, as local local Senator, Walter Veltroni’s mother-in-law). I also served as a DS board member in Rome. My different engagements within the Socialist Party were: Issy-les-Moulineaux Branch Secretary, Federal Communication Secretary, and Member of the PS 92 Federal Office and Council.I have worked in the private sector as a marketing manager and from 2008 to 2014 I was a staff member for the socialist Senator-Mayor of Clamart, in Paris’s inner suburbs.As a PS City Councillor (until March of 2015) I worked in the areas of culture, architecture, and the environment, as well as the city budget.My great passions: Art and Culture.During the socialist primaries for the last presidential election I supported Martine Aubry.Quotations that guide me:Choose a star, do not take your eyes off it. It will carry you far, with no effort or fatigue.–Alexandra David-NeelThe impossible is the only opponent worthy of Mankind. –Andrée ChedidThe real is only a particular case of the possible. –Walter Veltroni (quoting Wittgenstein)
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