Interview: The Maladjusted Rule! - A conversation with Vaginal Davis

Performer, painter, curator, composer, writer, cultural antagonist, film scholar and erotic provocateur, Vaginal Davis is sharing opinions on Black feminism, sexuality, and taking stock of the difference between sex and gender. Keenan Teddy Smith met the self called «doyenne of intersexed outsider art» for Hyperallergic.

Artist and activist Vaginal Davis © Hector Martinez Artist and activist Vaginal Davis © Hector Martinez

«Sometimes trying too hard can backfire and all those strategies and plans can just evaporate before you even know what’s happened. It’s a cautionary tale that artists should take to heart. It’s nice to get attention but it’s not the be-all and end-all.»


Silhouettes - Chapter 4: Vaginal Davis & Diedrich Diedrichsen. Mobile Academy Berlin © Mobile Akademie Berlin


Performance Matriarch Vaginal Davis Upends Fixed Notions of Genre and Gender Olivia Gauthier in Hyperallergic (November 2017)

The «Terrorist Drag» of Vaginal Davis Cyrus Grace Dunham in the New Yorker (December 2015)

Disidentifications - Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics University of Minnesota Press (1999)




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