Women in Modern Wars

Contemporary historiography has been focusing on the role of women in social, economic, cultural and politic movements in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, there is still a wide field to be explored about wars in the feminine perspective. Scientific studies on armed conflicts are still quite focused on the masculine universe. It is imperative to deepen the studies on women’s existence.


International Conference 

Women in Modern Wars





VENUE: LISBON, FCSH-UNL | Av. Berna 26 C | ID, Room Multiusos 2 and Multiusos 3

DATE: 28th and 29th September 2016


On the 28th September there will be parallel sessions. On the 29th September, sessions will take place only in Room Multiusos 2.

Invited keynote speakers will give their conferences in Room Multiusos 2 to all participants present at this event.



DAY 1 – 28th September 2016 (Room Multiusos 2)


09h30 – Registration andparticipants’ reception

09h45 – Opening session


10h00 – Ingrid Sharp – Women against the war: pacifism and internationalism in the women’s movement 1914-1924


Chair: To be determined


10h45 – Debate


11h00 – Coffee Break


11h20 Panel Ia – War, remembrance and female literature

Chair: To be determined


11h20 – Monica Quirico - Mourning the Fallen: between individual sorrow and historical narratives

11h40 – Francisco Mata Pereira - A escrita de guerra no feminino. O contributo das mulheres portuguesas para a literatura relativa à Grande Guerra

12h00 – Nidhal Chami - Algerian Women Fighters Remember, Talk and Write Back

12h20 – Debate

12h40 – Free lunch break


14h00 - Anne Cova – As mulheres e as guerras no mundo contemporâneo: os conselhos nacionais das mulheres na Europa do Sul e na América Latina durante a Grande Guerra


Chair: To be determined


14h45 – Debate



15h00 Panel IIa – Life paths


Chair: To be determined


15h00 – Anabela Silveira - De pacifista a defensora da Guerra. O percurso singular de Beatriz Pinheiro (1871-1922)

15h20 – Adília Fernandes - A Grande Guerra na correspondência feminina do espólio de Bernardino Machado

15h50 –Inês Borges e Anabela Salgueiro - Branca de Gonta Colaço: correspondência literária em tempos da Segunda Guerra Mundial (1939-1945)

16h10 – Marta Correia - Not in My Name. Slavenka Drakulić and the war in the former Yugoslavia

16h30 – Debate

16h50 – Coffee Break

17h10 Panel IIIa – Women and the Great War


Chair: To be determined


17h10 – Natividade Monteiro - As organizações patrióticas e humanitárias das mulheres portuguesas na I Guerra Mundial

17h30 – Diogo Ferreira - A intervenção cívica da subcomissão de Setúbal da Cruzada das Mulheres Portuguesas (1916-1919)

17h50 – Nulita Andrade - Viscondessa da Ribeira Brava: uma voz proactiva na Cruzada das Mulheres Portuguesas

18h10 – Paulo Gonçalves - O Papel das Damas Enfermeiras no Apoio ao Corpo Expedicionário Português

18h30 – Debate

18h50 – Closing Session


DAY 1 – 28th September 2016 (Room Multiusos 3)


11h20 Panel Ib – Other wars, other female perspectives

Chair: To be determined


11h20 – Inês José - Quotidianos militares: as operárias da Manutenção Militar de Lisboa (1912-1918)

11h50 –Arlette Meyer - Female domestic life and professional live in time of war leading to nationalist movements

12h10 – Beate Slok-Andersen - Women in the Danish military – now and then

12h30 – Debate

12h50 – Free lunch break



15h00 Panel IIb – Female Fighters


Chair: To be determined


15h00 – Anouk Guiné - Women of the Communist Party of Peru-Shining Path since the 1970s. Towards a New Historiography. 

15h20 – Jennifer Phillipa Eggert - Female fighters, non-state political violence and individual motivations:  The case of women joining Christian militias during the Lebanese civil war(s) (1975 – 1990)

15h50 –Marta Romero Delgado - Transgressing gender roles: women in guerrilla movements during last Peruvian civil war

16h10 – Mariana Castro - As Mulheres Contrabandistas em Elvas durante as Guerras: Do espaço doméstico para o comércio ilegal (1914-1945)

16h30 – Debate

16h50 – Coffee Break

17h10 Panel IIIb – World War II and Colonial Wars

Chair: To be determined


17h10 – Alexis Peri - Demobilizing & Domesticating Female Soldiers in the USSR, 1945-50

17h30 – Silvia Cassamagnaghi - Afro-American Soldiers and Italian Women during WWII: from Racial Laws to Interracial Marriages

17h50 – Gemma Nadal - Filhas de colonos, mulheres de militares: a visão da guerra nas narradoras portuguesas da Guerra Colonial

18h10 – Leonardo Aboim Pires - Guerra e política colonial na Assembleia Nacional: o contributo das mulheres deputadas (1961-1974)

18h30 – Debate

18h50 – Closing Session


DAY 2 – 29th September 2016 (Room Multiusos 2)


09h45 – Participants’ reception


10h00 – Margarida Calafate Ribeiro – Nos trilhos da resistência em Angola e Moçambique: anti-colonialismo e ruturas identitárias no feminino


Chair: To be determined


10h45 – Debate


11h00 – Coffee Break


11h20 Panel VI – Gender and violence. Is violence a weapon of war?


Chair: To be determined


11h20 – Anna Di Giusto - War Rapes. Wartime Sexual Violence, Biopolitics, and the Female Body

11h40 – Meta Remec - Rape and violence during World War I

12h00 – Marina Sola Garcia - Experiences of Women in Conflict and Post-conflict situations: Women in the Rwandan Genocide: Victims, Violent Perpetrators and Peacebuilders

12h20 – Rodolpho Padovani de Brito - A violência sexual utilizada como arma de guerra no século XX: um estudo sobre os conflitos da Ex-Iugoslávia e Ruanda nos anos 1990

12h40 – Debate

12h50 – Free lunch break



14h20 Panel V – Contemporary Wars


Chair: To be determined


14h20 – Ana Romão - Lynndiebot: Representing the Female Soldier after Abu Ghraib

14h40 – Katharina Stockli The other half of the population: Women as “Resource” for the U.S.-Counterinsurgency engagement in Afghanistan

15h00 –Nitai Aleksiewicz - Battling for Equality: Competing Gender Narratives and Kurdish Soldiers

15h20 – Yosra Karaani - Witnessing her/story:  American and Iraqi Women Writing Gender, Sexuality and Violence in the Narratives of the Iraq War

15h40 – Debate

16h00 – Coffee Break

16h20 Panel VI – Literature and Memory… The power of «Remembrance»


Chair: To be determined


16h20 – Teresa da Silva - Gender, Freud and the First World War: trauma, dream and the female figure in The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West

16h40 – Cláudia Coimbra - "Endless Parade: Shadows of the Grotesque in Helen Zenna Smith's Not So Quiet: Stepdaughters of War"

17h00 – Alexandra Cheira - Mapping the two world wars in the feminine: A. S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book and Ragnarök: The End of the Gods

17h20 – Debate

17h40 – Round Table

Participants to be confirmed

19h00 – Closing Session

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