Putin in Budapest: Unhappy crowds whistled as the Russian president drove past

Hungarian opposition party (Együtt) organised a "whistle concert" to express their dislike of Orban's government's close friendship (comradery, really) with the Russian president. A demonstration was organised but the police fenced off nearly half of the downtown 5th district where the Houses of Parliament and many government buildings are located. Photos to follow this evening.

The live broadcast of the demonstration was available here (for those with a facebook account). The took place this evening at 6 p.m., its location was further away from Parliament than originally planned. Earlier today the convoy of cars  also transporting the Russian presdent and the Hungarian PM was whistled at near Oktogon as theye were driving past. Click here to see the short video.



 Péter Juhász, vice president of Hungarian opposition party Együtt, organizer of this evening's demonstration, surrounded by police in the afternoon near Oktogon (seee the video above) as they were whistling at Putin and Orban.  According to Juhász his press chief was summoned  to the police station because he failed to present his ID card when they asked for it. Photo by Kettős Mérce blog


(Whistle if you refuse the Orban-Putin pact – says the invitation to today's demonstration.)


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