Hungarian town boycotts Heineken

The Hungarian town of Hódmezõvásárhely recently issued a decree calling on local residents and business owners to boycott the products of Heineken brewery. The step was a consequence of a dispute between the company and a local, ethnic Hungarian beer manufacturer in Romania.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's current Office leader, János Lázár was the former mayor of the town where  the city council decided on the boycott. Mr Lazar is also a member of Parliament representing the region. He was present when the Heineken-vote took place - with his support - in the town council. 


There is a notice on the town's official website:

"Recently a Romanian court banned the production and sale of a local brand Igazi Csíki Sör.  The manufacturer of the brand had been sued by Heineken Romania for theft of intellectul property (Heineken owns the Romanian brand name Ciuc).

The Csíki Sör brand produced by the Hungarian owned factory in the Romanian village of Csíkszentsimon,  is a symbol, and part of the identity of Székelys ( a group of ethnic Hungarians in Romania)."

The local politician of Hungary's governing party (Fidesz) who put forward the proposal for the ban is a member of Hódmezõvásárhely city (Ms Gabriella Balogh) claimed that Heineken went to court with the intention of eliminating a competitor.

According to Hungary Around the Clock, a local English language news site Heineken Hungária has stated that its Hungarian subsidiary has no connection with the dispute in Romania.


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