On the front steps of the Palace...

The Power of Words © Andrea Gardner

Legs crossed, back straight, dignified,


On its shipping carton,


He sits on his throne.




Nearby, carefree,


High school girls are joking


At table at a terrace, not far away, a woman is smoking.




Tinkling of a carelessly discarded piece.


Groping, the old man picks


And into his box, puts it.




Beside him, a sign,


"I am blind, please help".




Sometimes a painful tension on his face,


Eyelids beating on bruised eyes.




Suddenly, as if on the alert, he turns his head.


Stylish, a woman passes


Contemplates the scene


Retraces her steps,


Grabs the grimoire,


Determined, throws a few words.




The Elderly bends downwards


Feels the shoes


To identify.




When finished writing,


The Beauty, carefully, coarse paper




Last look, last smile,


She walks away.




Suddenly the world has changed,


A girl kneels down,


Presents a coin.


And another


And again another.


Genuflexions ...




Comes back  the unknown Lady


In front of him, she  stops.




Intrigued, he leans,


Caresses the shoes,






“-What have you done?


- I wrote the same thing but with different words. "




With empathy she touches his shoulder,




And walks away.




On the sign, it says:




"It's a beautiful day


And I can't see it ... "




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