Can we stop the decline of the PCF?

Members of the French Communist Party (PCF) must choose at the beginning of October the text that will serve as a guide in November at the 38th Congress of the PCF. Four texts are proposed. Can one of the 4 texts help to stop the decline of the PCF? Without a strong and dynamic CPF, France’s drift will be accentuated towards fascistic right-wing force in a growing social and economic disorder!

 1) Pierre Laurent, current National Secretary, is politically in line with Robert Hue’s continuity. The PCF, under the leadership of Pierre Laurent, has accentuated the decline already well underway with Robert Hue’s secretariat. Pierre Laurent is actively steering the text voted on under somewhat obscure conditions by a very relative majority of the PCF National Council.
In an interview at the Fête de l’Humanité, which is widely circulating in the Party, Pierre Laurent told us without hesitation "The Party’s militant forces are intact" and added that eight years had not been enough for him and that he still wanted a third mandate to "Lead the PCF’s recovery effort in the long term".
Denying the decline to counter it, as Pierre Laurent does, does not seem to me to be the solution!

2) Elsa Faucillon, Federal Secretary of the PCF of 1992, is even more a follower of Robert Hue, more "huiste", more Robert Hubuesque, than Pierre Laurent. In her defense of the text "Spring" that she is leading, she tells us at the conclusion of the PCF Summer University "Communism is going badly everywhere in the world". Cubans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Chinese and their BRICS allies will smile incredulous. Capitalist globalization is becoming a socialist globalization, the world’s largest communist party leads socialist China to become the world’s leading power. As a result, the hope of escaping the clutches of Western imperialism is reborn in the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Asia and South America.
And yet Elsa denies the rise of socialism in the world, while Pierre denies the decline of the PCF in France!

3) The text led by Emmanuel Dang Tran entitled "Let’s Rebuild the Class Party" tells us "What meaning can the perspective of a multipolar world have? Yesterday, the socialist bloc, fundamentally diverging from the capitalist bloc, could represent a counterbalance. Today, according to our interpretation of Chinese capitalist development, we risk being exposed to a rise of imperialist blocs, and their conflicting alliances, as before 1914." Should we laugh or cry about it?
This time, the denial is about History after the fall of the Soviet Union.

4) One text, "For a manifesto of the 21st century Communist Party" ( makes a correct concrete analysis of the current concrete situation of the global village. This text does not deny the current decline of the CPF, nor the rise of socialism in the world today, despite the fall of the Soviet Union.
This text is increasingly rallying the progressive forces of the CPF on a sound basis. Will it help to stop the current decline of the PCF? Will it help to sustain and strengthen the PCF? It is difficult to say today, because the class struggle between a multipolar world of peace and Western imperialism is harsh and dangerous.
The outcome of the fight depends on the involvement of each and every one of us!
To fully understand the issues and actively participate in the fight, let’s join


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