jean-florent campion

ingénieur chimiste president de l'association des inventeurs salariés, membre de génération écologie

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Jean-Florent Campion is the president from the French Employee Inventor Association (AIS), Association which gathers the employee’s inventors which represent 90% of the delivered patent inventors in France.Following graduation in chemistry from the Paris Pierre and Maris Curie University (BS and MS, Chimie_Paris Tech), he was granted a CITERE Sholarship from the French Foreign Minister and Rhone-Poulenc chemical company and develop Sol-gel processes for the semi-conductors industry at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science in Champaign-Urbana Illinois (USA). Following he joins the Alcatel-Alstom Research Center in France and co-developed various processes concerning optical fibers manufacturing and he is one of the co-inventors of one of the two optical fiber manufacturing process in the world the Advanced Plasma Vapor Deposition process (APVD)and represents 20% of the worldwide market. As co-inventor of optical fibers process for communications he has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his contributions to this field including the Chereau-Lavet Inventor prize of the Academy of Technologies, which honors a French inventor-engineer who tracks new technologies, applies them to his or her field of activities, and engineers innovations whose economic and social benefits are substantial and the MISCHONSNIKY Prize from Chimie_Paris Tech (Paris Pierre and Marie Curie   University School of Chemistry). This Prize recognizes every year one former graduates from ENSCP (Paris Pierre and Marie Curie University School of Chemistry) who accomplished a brilliant career in the industry and who have invented or greatly improved an industrial product leading to a great improvement in the field of engineering or in the manufacturing of a product of large usefulness.Jean-Florent Campion is currently Sustainable Development Manager in the Research and Innovation organization of L’Oreal in charge of Products Eco-conception.Jean-Florent Campion is also holding a Master in Law in intellectual property from the Paris 2 University and is deeply involved in the inventor’s recognition and research and innovation development. Jean-Florent Campion holds 21 patents and has written 8 research papers and is an expert in fused silica  glass and mineral chemistry. He is associated professor at the University of Paris 13 at the Galileo Institute.
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