Have you ever had some difficulties founding clothes that fit you perfectly?

I am from a country (France) full of fashion, refinement and etiquette. You have to put out the best out of you when you decide to walk in the street to own your respect. So why when I move to America I found that some people were some sort of loose sport clothes when they don’t like athletic to go shopping or going to classes.

Have you ever had some difficulties founding clothes that fit you perfectly when going shopping?

I am from a country (France) full of fashion, refinement and etiquette. You have to put out the best out of you when you decide to walk in the street to own your respect. So why when I move to America I found that some people were some sort of  loose sport clothes when they don’t like athletic to go shopping or going to classes. How come it is not seen as been disrespectful toward your teachers and classmates?

When othersare struggling to found some decent clothes to put on, some others seem to me not to care. Did they notice how bad the credibility they had been given and how it is going to affect them in their future life. If they are so careless about their physical appearance, witch it is the first thing people see on you how did they judge themselves? 

Do Floridian don’t know how to shop for clothes or it is something that they do not value in their life, what is available for us in the store? Was the questions I ask myself when I first came to America, after conducting some researches I  realize that the number of women having difficulty to found clothes is much bigger than I could have image and many women use clothes as a camouflage and are giving up on been fashion because they are label as out of normal range size = “outsized”



Women of all ages are more likely to experience frustration while shopping. This issue is covering a much deeper level of concern in our community and should not be taking lightly. Many women are between sizes and/or need to have their clothes retouch in order to wear them properly; which add an extra cost to the original price of the clothes. The inability for women to found ready to wear garment sizes easily is the product of a complex equation involving the media, education, psychological consequences and influence, manufacture irregularity that are not consistent in their label, absolute measure data, and so on. My project is to contradict those factors and promulgate changes.

Purpose Statement

The paper is address to National Organization for Women (NOW). It is an organization that fights for the right of women and issues such as health and body image. The had acquired credibility and trust over the years on will probably which branch of the government or politician to address better. Some of you may be familiar with the process of the “invisible hand” the self-regulation of demands and offer, without an input in the government however this system seems to have fell for the ready-to-wear clothes garment. For this reason, one of my alternative solutions will be the involvement of government to regulate and control the industry; they will be able to enforce the change significantly.  Instead of targeting personally a specific politician, the “association” will be more efficient in targeting those who will be able to make a difference.

Qualification Statement

I have done research for the past months on women and clothing. I had been involved directly with the fashion industry in many means. First, I have been facing the issue of founding clothes since my infancy by been “outsized” meaning out of the “normal range size” due to my height and ethnicity corpulence. Then, I work for about a year as a sales assistant in an international and famous brand retail store and have been expose to women frustration at work constantly. Beside been a consultant, I also had to take measurement for the clients in order to send their clothes to our retailer, which show again the difficulty of clothes fitting. Even more, I have some close members of my family been in the fashion industry such as clothes tailor and designer who tough me their profession. This is why I am directly involved in the problematic and qualified enough to address this issue.

Literature Review

In the article “Fashion: Teens Come in All Sizes, So Why Don’t Their Clothes?” by Gerston discourse on How to rebuilt the self esteem on teenager women who is facing difficulty founding clothes and how and where they can buy fashion clothes even if most of the stores seems not to carry their sizes. This is why the article “Outsize/Outside: Bodily Bignesses and the Emotional Experiences of British Women Shopping for Clothes” (Colls) illustrate that shopping it is not a fun game for people that do not fit into the normal standard. The standard sizes are different from places to places and stores to stores because order do not always compile with the charts proposed by their local government mention Faust in the “Variations in Canadian women’s read-to-wear standard sizes”. The article also shows the benefice of the firm that could result in enlarging the clothes sizing range and appealing more potential customers. Meanwhile The goal of the study of Tiggemann and Lacey in their Article “Shopping for clothes: Body satisfaction, appearance investment, and functions of clothing among female shoppers” was to found a link between clothing and body experience along women of different ages. When in the article ” Consumer preferences for size description systems of men’s and women’s apparel” show a weakness in women garment style from the 90’s and prove it is not a fashion issue of today. It also lay out the label preference for clothes the shoppers would like to see. The result of the study shows a high level of demand for more clear and detail label tag. Finally the article “An exploration of how mature women buy clothing: empirical insights and a model” explore and analyze how mature women buy their clothes.


Research Method

My research was elaborate by my findings, after mastering the conception of an article; I was making deeper research on the issue that the article interrogates me. With such a process in mind, I was able to understand and compare information regarding possible causes and effect on the impact of my starting issue. Having the support of a women organization will facilitate the method on how to reach and address directly to women. Those women will be taught on how to think outside the box and that they have the power to take specific actions by signing petitions for instance and addressing themselves to the congress, senators or governors. If women are seeking for a change and scientifically prove that there is an issue, the government would have to take actions especially if a well-know organization is at the foundation of this revulsion.


 Article that i write in 2011 and very few changes happened... 


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