O Sanity, Where Art Thou ?

After Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globes, a wave of rumors started saying there was a possibility she would be running as a candidate in the 2020 presidential election. In an attempt to escape from reality, the citizens of the United States and mostly, the media, try to cling to any seemingly better human being than Donald Trump.

Kanye, Dwayne Johnson (also know as « The Rock »), Tom Hanks and now Oprah are all supposedly plotting to become the next president of the United States. For those who don't understand how ridiculous this is, allow me to explain.In her very pertinent and moving speech, Oprah once agin conquered the hearts of all Americans by supporting the freedom of the press, the #MeToo movement, by evoking the heartbreaking story of Recy Taylor and finally, by ending her speech and saying « Time's Up ! » to all the powerful and abusive men who have recently been denounced as a result of the numerous scandals concerning Hollywood's « finest » like Weinstein, Woody Allen , Kevin Spacey and many, many more. Yes, Oprah's speech was well said, powerful and capable of melting your heart but let's stop there and clarify a few things.

The United States is currently under the hands of an uncapable, ignorant, racist, sexist child that has no business being in the oval office. He is incomptent, unprofessional and has no political experience. Oprah or any other celebrity rumored to be running for president in 2020 might have the charisma, the grace, the sympathy, the humanity and intelligence that Donald Trump lacks but what's the purpose of replacing one unfit « business man » with one unfit celebrity for one of the most important jobs in the world ? These qualities don't necessarily make a professional and qualified president. Winfrey is indeed a great speaker but a great speaker does not make for a great leader. Hitler was supposedly a great speaker but does one really want Hitler as a model ? Being able to move people on an emotional level during a glamourous ceremony where rich people are rewarded for doing their jobs is certainly not a qualification or an application.

An incompetent president, should not be followed by more of incompetent presidents. And Donald Trump is not the first unqualified and embarassing president in American history. I could also name Ronald Reagan, (Trump's inspiration), who was also unqualified but loved enough by the public to run the country. How many Ronald Reagan's or Trump's do we need to realize how messed up this country is ?Why would one vote for celebrities like Donald Trump ? Kanye West and Dwayne Johnson are just as bad as Trump in the sense where their ego is more inflated than a bouncy house and litteraly have no experience whatsoever (unless yelling « you're fired », singing about how great you are or taking pictures of your muscles are a part of the qualifications demanded to be president of the United States and I just was not aware of it.) The only thing that separates these men is the fact that only one of them is (openly) racist. As for Oprah, I believe one can assume that out of all the stars who made great speeches on the country's current state of affairs, she was the one chosen as a potential candidate for 2020's elections because she has some great advantages : she's African-American, a woman, and loved by the country. While all this is swell and would send a good image of the country, it doesn't give her a reason to run the country in my opinion.

Americans need to stop fantasizing over inexperienced, unqualified and incompetent celebrities in hopes it'll make things better. If anything, it shows just how much the people are desperate, lost and feel unsafe, to the point where they have no more faith in their own government and politicians (which in some way is reasonable and comprehensible).Stop the absurdities and start reasoning is the advice I would give. The solution here would to support the politicians who are actually qualified and might actually do good and stop the ridiculousness. After the 2016 elections, many Democrats had lost hope, but they should not give up. Politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elisabeth Warren or Joe Biden are a great fit and should be supported by democrats. 3rd party candidates are also sometimes a great choice when neither candidates please you, like Jill Stein ; but sadly aren't covered by the media enough. Even some Republicans such as Colin Powell or Senator John McCain are better than Trump for those who identify with the party but not in Trump's policies. The Republicans supporting Trump show how disgusting they truly are and we never knew it. As if some of them were secretely hiding their racism and sexism in a closet untill a president who fit their secret values appeared. Others who support him only seem desperate to keep a representative of their party in Office.

What's disappointing has been the medias and certain politicians reactions.

On one hand, some fellow democrats seem to desperate to fight and so they agree with the public and also start fantasizing about a celebrity politician who would represent their ideals ; which I believe is bad influence for the people who look up to the politicians for some sign of last hope, and end up seeing a person who won't even support a politician of their own party. They should focus on beating Trump in 2020 by supporting colleagues of their party.On the other hand, the media is just as guilty because they have a big influence on the people's opinion. They are supposed to inform – not spread ridiculous rumors and absurd solutions that might lead to (another) mislead outcome of the election. They shoiuld also cover more of the « discret » and unoffensive politicians or 3rd party candidates.

Is this what it has come down to ? Are we living the post-Trump era where every president that follows isn't necessarily qualified or competent – let alone intelligent ? Where we elect celebrities to represent one of the most powerful countries ? Where a narcissistic rapper or bodybuilder/actor has the codes to the nuclear weapon ? Where is the logic in electing millionaires who probably don't even know how much a bus ticket or a pop-tart costs, to represent the people of a country that mostly belongs to the lower/middle/working class that's already struggling enough as it is !It is an abomination and an insult toward those few people in the country who actually work hard or have worked hard to make the country a better place or at least to be in the position in their career, trying to make an impact on society and trying to make things better. This shows just how much these same politicians, and the people of the country, need to work to change the system to make it mork democratic so people actually feel like their voice counts and they don't have to depend on a celebrity to run their country. The way things are now, makes voters not want to cast their vote because of this undemocratic system, which doesn't make them feel represented and leads to an unreasonable frenzy.

Even though, one might feel helpless and desperate, one should not fall back on a unqualified celebrity just because they say the right things and seem like the solution. They should trust the politicians who try to do good. It's important to do research and to try to understand the different views in politics, and the different politicians that belong to the party one identifies to ; because electing an unqualified person can be very dangerous. And I believe we are seeing the danger and the consequences today. That mistake can not happen again ; in the name of sanity.

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