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Interview of Zabihullah Mujahid: The invaders are on practical abscondence


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Rabi-Al-Awwal 18, 1434 A.H, Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

"If the invaders intend to prolong the invasion for a hundred years, we have the intention and courage to combat them even for that protracted period."

"This year we have made the enemy realize by our strong and dreadful attacks that none of their sheltered barracks and protective measures can save them from our fatal strikes."

"Mujahidin have made large and intricate infiltration in the enemy’s set up by different ways."

The bureau of the ‘Al-emarah website has conducted a detailed and all-inclusive interview with the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid about the Jihad activities and situation in the year 2012 (1433 A.H). We would like to convert your kind attention for its reading.

Question: In the name of Allah, the most beneficial and merciful. The esteemed spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, first of all we welcome you then as a first question we would like you to explain the current year ‘Al-Farooq’ operations, its success and major achievements and in the same way the crucial attacks over the enemy, it will be very kind of you.

Answer: الحمدلله وکفی والصلوة والسلام علی عباده الذین اصطفی امابعد The present year ‘Al-Farooq’ operations were unique in so many ways as compared to the previous years because Mujahidin had an approach to incredibly huge military targets. For example the destruction of special aircraft of American General Martin Dempsey while having a very secret visit to Bagram under strict security measures. The Mujahidin were informed about everything and they hit his aircraft. The other example is the unparalleled attack over the large base of the invaders in Shorab district, Helmond province in which a number of expensive military aircrafts were destroyed besides heavy casualties. The massive assault in ‘Sehra Bagh’ area of Khost province, similarly on the old airport of Khost where the CIA main office is situated, decisive attacks in capital Kabul besides all the security measures, two colossal assaults over Nangarhar airport and large American base, the assaults on American bases in Maidan Wardak province, attack on a huge base of the enemy in Paktia province where the base was almost blown up, in Kandahar, Helmond and all other provinces, in successful face to face fighting in which hundreds of military equipments are destroyed on the daily basis, two attacks in Logar province on important American bases, uninterrupted attacks over the enemy in the north of the country and Mujahidin’s control over several areas, so many other major attacks which inflicted losses over the enemy and made him perplexed. These well organized and triumphant attacks shook the enemy on one hand and astonished the world people on the other. Similarly targeting of some key figures was also an important part of the current operations. The latest example is Asadullah Khalid, the head of the national security of Karzai admin. Secondly the routine assaults were quite more than usual. In the fighting season the number of attacks reached to an extent where our reporters and writers were unable to cover them. You might have listened that in some cases even the enemy admitted about more than 3000 attacks and the head of the Kabul administration showed his clear discomfiture over the killing of his soldiers and policemen.

The other distinctiveness of the current year operation was the infiltration in the enemy’s ranks which was really a precise and profound tactic. In this tactic on one side very crucial and successful attacks were carried out on foreign forces in the shape of internal military personnel and on the other side Mujahidin could manage to carry out well planned operations by getting vast intelligence reports from inside the Kabul administration.

Another moral exclusivity was the current year operations had an immense awe on the enemy. In most of the areas the external and internal forces could not dare to come out of their centers (barracks). Even if they saw the Mujahidin, they tried to save themselves which was an obvious indication of the psychological trounce of the enemy.

Another exceptionality of the current year was that the enemies started practical abscond. During this year the invaders made complete evacuation from various provinces of the country namely Faryab, Samangan and some other parts of the country. With the exception of Maqar district of Badghis province, they escaped from all other districts. Similarly as conceded by the foe itself that 400 crucial bases have been evacuated till now and the process is incessant. It shows that the invaders have acknowledged defeat on the military front. The enemy has fled from most of the areas and the territory has been purified. So we can say that the invaders are on the path of practical abscondence now.

Question: How do you evaluate the claim of the enemy that Mujahidin assaults are decreased upon them as compared to the past?

Answer: They have been making this kind of declarations for the last eleven years and will remain continuous. The Mujahidin assaults have special times of start and strength. Keeping the weather conditions of our country in mind the volume of operations varies from time to time but it never indicates the failing of Mujahidin and strength of the enemy and should not be utilized for propaganda. When there is snowfall in most of the provinces or the weather is severely cold, naturally Mujahidin face problems in spending nights but the Mujahidin have proved that they will continue their attacks over the enemy throughout the year. On the other side the enemy has also been destabilized. The foreign forces have evacuated more than 400 important bases all over the country and have reduced the movements of their soldiers and Mujahidin do not have any reason for attacks in those areas where they have been reduced. The battle is fought where the enemy is present and when the enemy runs away some area there is no more need for fighting. Mujahidin get control of the area and the peace is restored, naturally there won’t be any more attacks. The reason is the enemy’s escape and not the weakness of Mujahidin. In some parts of Kandahar province I was told by Mujahidin that sometime we open fire on the enemy’s hiding places to compel them to come out but they do not dare and this reduces our operations. Similarly it is their vain attempt to reinstate their morale when they announce themselves triumphant in the media. As most part of the world media is in the control of the invaders, every year they run a special campaign to boost up their morale. In the beginning of the Jihadi resistance they used to announce the killing of hundreds of Mujahidin every day accompanied by the proclamation that the Mujahidin might has subsided and they cannot resist anymore. Eventually they got ashamed of these kinds of announcements and the masses realized. Then they started different type of propaganda. For example last year they used to say that Mujahidin cannot fight face to face anymore. They use mines. While they were sternly embarrassed by these land mines and are still in the same condition, even this year they did the same propaganda while the current year operations were approximately 20% more effective than the previous ones, especially some achievements were unprecedented.

Question: In some of the areas regional Arbakis (a soldier of tribal system) were called as uprising through conspiracies and an exaggerative attention was given to them by the media, but after a short time these kind of tactics did not work out, how do you evaluate their current situation, whether they have been crushed down?

Answer: Unfortunately the invaders and their regional and internal stooges made fake use of some of our traditional, historical and religious terminologies to deceive the public and safeguard themselves. They made them notorious. For example the traditional grand Jirga (council) which used to be convened for the self-determination of the country. Now they congregated some of the sold faces to make an agreement for selling the country. They used this historical and traditional terminology in a forged shape. Similarly the term Shora (council) of religious Ulema (scholars) and the term of Arbaki that is historically the Territorial Army to defend the country against the foreign invasion and not for serving the invaders and safeguarding them. This term was used for those uncontrolled thieves, addicted and robbers who neither care the honor of nation nor religion nor anyone else just for the sake of money. When the term Arbaki was made so notorious that the people did not like it anymore, they employed the term ‘uprising’. They also defamed this term by forged deeds and reminded the people the warlord system of the nineties that compelled the people to seek refuge in the Taliban Islamic Movement which came into being just as a reaction of these cruelties and barbarity. Now fortunately once again the people are warmly welcoming the Islamic Emirate to get rid of these modern brutality and savagery and the Islamic Emirate considers eradicating this social disease as its foremost priority. Therefore the Islamic Emirate sternly crushed this savage and odious term of Arbaki and will carry it on, because the Islamic Emirate considers protecting the life, property and honor of the people as its responsibility. We will not let the enemies of life, property and honor of the people to raise heads. You know that the people that got together in the name of Arbaki in the Shilgar district of Ghazni province, they were haltered with the good contrivance of Mujahidin’s leadership of Ghazni province, key and momentous persons were killed and a large amount of weapons were confiscated as boon. The remaining addicted ones to hashish or heroin either went to Iran for labor or begged forgiveness and surrendered to Mujahidin. In this way their core was eradicated. In Laghman province the key figures of Arbakis in the name of resistance were killed in a day and their presence changed into absence. They were also crushed in Ningarhar and Paktia provinces and are no more challenging for anyone.

Question: In Laghman, Ningarhar and Parwan provinces the Kabul admin announced that there are uprising against Mujahidin or there will be uprising in the near future, what does it mean? Whether the Kabul admin wants to instigate this process?

Answer: They are embarrassed. They do not know what to do. They spend money and do whatever they can but in vain. They are making announcements as propaganda war which is far from reality. Now they are trying to strengthen their masters by imaginary things and illusions and are encouraging their followers. The western media itself called the formation of Arbakis as a futile and disgraceful process. Regional people face on the daily basis what they cannot tolerate anymore. From sexual abuse to looting and kidnapping all kind of mishaps, carried out by these Arbakis have been announced by state and western media and everyone knows it. In the beginning the Kabul admin and the Americans agreed that militias should be armed for money in the name of Arbakis and uprising. When they started the process, it was not successful in most of the areas. Now they are disappointed and there is no more technical synchronization between the Kabul admin and Americans. The masses have also negative feelings against this action. Now this process has been confined only to announcements for the sake of propaganda. You know that the Jihad sequence in most part of Parwan province was extremely laudable, especially in districts related to Ghorband valley. The enemy also tried to show its potency in the region by propaganda. As they cannot send their police and army to the region to demonstrate authority because of people’s retort and their casualties, they want to use tactic of Arbakism and then call it people’s uprising. But in reality this kind of announcements and beforehand propaganda clearly shows the inefficiency, failing, weakness and trounce of all the security organs of the enemy. If they really had a common sense, they would feel shame over this kind of announcements because it shows their ineptitude and disorganization. We assure our people that as all other tactics of the enemy have been crushed, Insha-Allah (God willing) this process will also go kaput in the bud and will bear no fruits.

Question: The reports showed that this year Mujahidin’s attacks and operations against the enemy were overwhelmingly increased, what do you think the reason was?

Answer: Mujahidin’s military resources and proficiency both have increased and developed as compared to the past. The enemy is much more bluffed and embarrassed. They avoid confrontation. On the other side the people’s support (for Mujahidin) has become evident. The cruelty and brutality is one of the main reasons behind. So there is visible increase in attacks in quality and quantity. It is a reality that this year was more triumphant for us as compared to all the previous Jihad years. As Mujahidin have extended Jihadi surge to all parts of the country, new Jihad fronts have been opened. The people are strongly supporting Mujahidin with all their means. Naturally the quantum of attacks is increased. In this way the enemy will be compelled to quit as soon as possible and will confess the independence and sovereignty of our beloved homeland. Our nation has fully realized the importance of Jihad and is standing with Mujahidin, shoulder to shoulder. All these things have resulted that the volume of operations has increased and the enemy has been given a very tough time.

Question: This year in north of Kabul specially in Parwan and Kabisa provinces the number of Mujahidin has been multiplied so many times as compared to the past and they have inflicted great losses over the enemy just like the ones in Ghorband valley, although Mujahidin live there in a besieged shape, what can be the reason for that?

Answer: Now the resistance has spread to all parts of the country. Previously it differed in some parts as compared to others. Now the people have come out from the artificial haze of propaganda, saw the realities with their own eyes, understood the intentions of trespassers, and deeply studied their actions. Afghans love their land, religion and the sovereignty. In a few areas some people were deceived by the enemy’s propaganda but now the people have become vigilant. They took a stance for this nostalgia. The second main reason is that in general, Parwan and Kapisa provinces bear crucial importance for Mujahidin just like Logar and Maidan provinces. On one side the capital Kabul can be besieged from here and on the other side the crucial American base i.e. the Bagram Airport can be targeted from here. During the current year very decisive and effective assaults were carried out from this region over Bagram Base. We hope that Mujahidin will be much more fortified in these regions so that they could have presence near the foreigners’ bases and could create headache for the enemy. You might have listened the operational reports of Bamiyan province’s Mujahidin in which they have inflicted heavy losses and casualties over the foreign invaders alongside their inter stooges and the enemy has ratified it from time to time.

Question: A big difference of the current year operations with the previous ones was that very huge and detrimental attacks were carried out over the enemy’s main bases. For example the attack of Sahra Bagh in Khost province, the martyrdom attacks over the enemy’s crucial bases in Logar and Maidan provinces, the very well organized ambush on the British and American combine base in Shorab district of Helmond province, decisive attack over the American general’s aircraft in Bagram, attack over the internal and external forces’ combine base in Zormat district of Paktia province and attack over the largest commissariat of external forces in Bagram etc. etc. What is the reason behind all these attacks and what kind of message do they convey to Americans who desire to have long-term bases in our country?

Answer: The objective of all these assaults and operations is to convey a clear and practical message to the trespasser Americans who want to have long-term bases in our country, prolong their invasion and create problems for our country and the region; we want to show them that Afghanistan is not like those countries which have accepted their presence therein. Our nation will teach the same lesson to the long-term enemy as they have thought in the past eleven years and the present operations can unmistakably exhibit our determination. We have resolved that if the Americans nourish the idea of staying here for a hundred years, we are prepared even for a hundred years to crush them, create headache for them and to avert them from their malevolent objectives. The clear message of these attacks is that you cannot safeguard yourselves from us even in your bases and we can target you even beneath the earth. So the only solution is the complete withdrawal and absolute end of invasion.

Question: All over the country especially in eastern areas in addition to the progress in Jihad activities, Mujahidin have conducted the people cordially and sincerely. For example involvement in their social life activities, participation in their condolences, sharing their pleasures and sorrows, appropriately solving their difficulties and lawsuits i.e. the solution of a long pending litigation between two major clans of Laghman province is a good example for it in which a lot of people were killed in the past and had suffered a lot. What is the secret behind this behavior?

Answer: All Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate regard it as their religious responsibility to deal with every Muslim brother ethically, morally, decently and sympathetically. In the past sometimes impediments were created by the enemy between Mujahidin and the ordinary people which used to result in some issues, that was completely an exceptional situation. Otherwise every Mujahid is bound to deal in an Islamic behavior with the countrymen. There are various grounds for Mujahidin’s decent conduct with the masses. Since the enemy took flight from so many areas, Mujahidin could bring themselves practically in contact with the people and develop apposite relationship with them which is quite natural. Secondly in the beginning of this year Mujahidin entered the battlefield as they were overall trained morally by their teachers and scholars. They had completed some training courses where a lot of emphasis was given over the legal and human behavior with the common people. The honorable Amir-ul-Mominin (head of the pious people) had also given a lot of stress in his Eids’ messages over this issue. Praise to Allah Almighty that we saw the practical outcome in all Mujahidin; as you mentioned that Mujahidin had a very typical and sympathetic conduct with the people. On the other side the Islamic Emirate bears the responsibility to arrange Islamic courts or any other possibility to restore maximum justice for resolving their litigations and law-suits. When the people are satisfied with justice, it is natural that they easily abide by all the decisions and solve their discrepancies. The Islamic Emirate has rendered valuable services to the people in this sector. Your might be aware that the Islamic Emirate has established courts for each and every province including provincial and district level commissions. Similarly it has complaint numbers in many provinces. All these facilities are organized and provided for the sake of serving the people. The issue of public casualties is raised from time to time by the enemy as a negative propaganda against Mujahidin. The Islamic Emirate has paid special attention to this issue. Apart from military commission a special committee is set up to evaluate and investigate these kinds of incidents and Insha-Allah the effects will be superior. Moreover when the control level extends and influence grows, simultaneously the need for social behavior increases. Therefore the Islamic Emirate deems this kind of conduct as its core responsibility. As we are naturally bound to the sorrows and joys of our people, we should participate with them physically with the modification of circumstances.

Question: It seems that the Islamic Emirate has given special attention to the attraction and integration of the people apart from the military aspect of Jihad. What is the secret behind this measure?

Answer: The Islamic Emirate considers as its responsibility to share its viewpoint about the current situation and the future of the country by availing the opportunities and listen to the peoples’ perspectives. The destiny of the people of Afghanistan is bound with the decision and action of Afghans. On the other side we do not want to bring the Afghans standing alongside the invaders only under military pressure, rather we want to give them full chance of modification and we have an effective mechanism in this regard for the attraction and integration of the people which had very useful outcomes. A lot of Afghans, who were standing alongside the enemy just because of misunderstanding, shifted side and joined the Islamic Emirate when they identified the realities; and handed over their weapons and ammunitions to the Mujahidin. Overall this process has been very useful for a great number of people. Our people are facing the invasion. If the attraction mechanism wasn’t there and the people are not rectified, they will naturally fall in the enemy’s snare and will be exploited by the enemy consciously or unconsciously, God forbidden. Therefore the Islamic Emirate deeming it a religious responsibility provides all the circumstances and possibilities which could result in their refinement and guidance. It is another reason of more strength and accomplishment of Mujahidin.

Question: How much do you estimate the preliminary and current year achievements of the attraction and absorption and how much was the effect on the people?

Answer: Fortunately this measure which is still in its preliminary stages has reinforced positive spirit in the people and has washed away the haze spread by invaders and their stooges through propaganda. National figures came into contact on large scale. Similarly hundreds of soldiers, policemen, Arbakis and other people came out from the enemy ranks and promised collaboration with the Islamic Emirate. The authorities of attraction and integration commission or the commission for invitation and guidance have been quoted that approximately 300 people have deflected from the enemy’s ranks. They have provided wide range possibilities for Mujahidin’s in their respective areas and in this way Mujahidin got hundreds of light and heavy weaponry and a lot of ammunitions voluntarily and the process is unremitting.

Question: This year Mujahidin paid a lot of attention to the infiltration in the enemy’s ranks besides confrontational war. What was the reason behind?

Answer: As the honorable Amir-ul-Mominin had directed all the military authorities and the heads of the attraction and integration commission to put the issue of infiltration in the enemy’s ranks on the top of the planning agenda and had also asked the people working with the enemy to divert the barrel of their guns towards the enemy. This was a timely, desirable and accurate measure. We naturally paid great attention to the issue of penetration among the enemy’s ranks to demolish them from within, crush their morale and endanger their safety and security everywhere. It is a great achievement that we managed to infiltrate a number of volunteers among the enemy. We have brought the enemy under great pressure from this aspect. You understand that because of the attacks of the infiltrated Mujahidin, some countries were compelled to cease their alliance with Americans in the invasion of Afghanistan. These attacks were so shocking that the America itself is embarrassed and is off the track. You might have seen that the American president, American Congress, high ranking generals of Pentagon and here inside the country the military commanders, all came in action, comforted their routed personnel regarding the infiltrated attacks and tried to rejuvenate their lost morale. This is the result of these successful attacks. The Islamic Emirate is determined to come out from experimental stage in regard to the penetration in the enemy’s ranks and intensify this process extensively. Just now Mujahidin have been appointed into the key and important points among the enemy who are just waiting for the implementation of operations.

Question: How did Mujahidin manage to influence those soldiers prearranged in the enemy’s lines because establishing ties with them was not an easy job and they were prepared to the degree of martyrdom and attack over the enemy?

Answer: It is a very difficult job for Mujahidin to divert the people working with the enemy and prepare them for Jihad and sacrifice. In this connection Mujahidin want to take all the necessary measures. The people working in the enemy’s ranks also bear some responsibilities towards their religion and homeland and they should realize them. We used our special tactics to penetrate our sacred appeal in the hub of the enemy. We made individual and secret contacts with the people deceived by enemy, invite them, discover the form, level and power of their co-operation, and then take necessary steps in that connection. We have made quite complicated and big penetration among the enemy’s lines and this process is proceeding very successfully till now. All the minor details and methodology is one of military secrets therefore we cannot say and explain the procedure and its practical silhouette over here.

Question: If we leave the media of the enemy, how much the penetrated attacks of Mujahidin could have badly affected the enemy?

Answer: We mentioned previously that our penetrated attacks shivered the legs of the enemy. They realized that the situation is quite different from whatever they had thought. Here, attacks can be carried out against them from very close points. This war was not and is not that much easy as the American governments used to win in other parts of the world. A different nation lives here cherishing a different determination. So the outcome of these attacks is tremendously high as we hear from the enemy’s sources or through the international media. Just because of these attacks the enemy has become frustrated and does not know how to pull out himself from his own started war. The hallucinating and pusillanimous generals of the enemy cannot take any decision because of the prevailing circumstances or at least cannot even satisfy their own people. It is very surprising that those soldiers or policemen, whom the Americans had apparently trained themselves, were financially supported by them, were organized by them and had great hopes for them; when they turn the very weapon given to them by the Americans and burst the very bullets made by them into their chests, it is really an embarrassing situation and fortunately now the Americans are facing the same condition. The consequences of these attacks will Insha-Allah (God willing) increase in the long term when the graph of these attacks will go up. We consider them as a major source for the defeat of the enemy alongside other significant tactics and are trying to make them even stronger. Fortunately this procedure has extended even more. You might be aware that in the recent past an Afghan woman shot a high ranking American advisor with her pistol and exterminated him.

Question: The enemy is releasing quite contradictory statement about the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan and the authorities of Kabul administration are also in the state of embarrassment, do you think the prevailing situation is that much detrimental for the enemy?

Answer: Yes, we predict much more depreciated condition for the enemy and have precise reports about it. As they had entered our country, full of conceit and deceit, their withdrawal will be equally full of humiliation and notoriety. It is not a simple and easy task that a powerful country like America and the greatest vainglorious power of the world is going to be defeated by the apparently very weak people of the world. The situation of Vietnam was not like this. Because the Vietnamese resistance was enjoying the full fledge support and provisions of the then Soviet Union. Their weapons were nearly equivalent to those of the enemy in the battleground. But the present trounce is quite unexpected for America. Now they are going to be overpowered by a force whose physical presence cannot be felt. There is no soldier and regular army, only a few dusted Mujahidin have got together, but their objectives are superior and devout. They confront the American having sophisticated armaments, with their insignificant weapons and are winning the war incessantly. The comprehension and forbearance of this situation is not an easy task. So the Americans are quite embarrassed because they have lost pride and arrogance. They have been weakened. Their economy has been crushed. Their people have become fed up with war. They came under sixteen trillion dollar debt. Twelve million people are jobless. There were wide range public demonstrations against the capitalism in Wall Street. All these were the outcomes of war in Afghanistan. Naturally every responsible and connoisseur will be perplexed to see the affairs in this state and will try to stop the situation from deterioration. This task is going to have really thwarting and morally devastating consequences for a country like America where everything is calculated on the basis of materialism. In the beginning the Americans came here with a profound strategy. They had not projected this much severe and complicated war because they had inclusive confidence in their highly developed technology. But now this war not only clogged them from their intentions but also confronted them with unforeseen losses. The army has lost her self-confidence. The masses do not want this war anymore and neither can tolerate it. They are facing historical and unprecedented economic crisis. Whether they like or not, they cannot endure the prolongation of this war. Although on one side they want to get rid of the war but on the other side they do want their influence here. They are trying their best to have long-term bases over here. But if the Mujahidin carry on their attacks in the same manner, their dream for permanent bases will also remain without construal. As far as the Kabul administration is concerned, it enjoys only the status of shadow of the invasion. Their presence is closely tied with the American presence.

Question: Previously the external forces used to launch vast and well-organized operations either in one part or the other against Mujahidin and then claimed that Mujahidin have been pushed back from many areas, this year the enemy is only protecting itself and have retreated into defensive position. Keeping this situation in mind can the enemy consider itself anymore triumphant?

Answer: Yes, you are true. Previously the Americans used to carry out big operations under various names to extend their authority. But now the situation has changed. At that time they were of the opinion that they will win the war. Mujahidin will either be brought down or they will surrender. People will give up Mujahidin’s support. Now they have figured out everything. Everything has overturned. The progress came down constantly. The operations resulted in nothingness despite the use of propaganda, terrible weapons and the destruction of orchards and villages. Naturally they are not in a position to repeat that. The operations carried out by the Americans had such a huge casualties and financial losses that the American estimators might not have projected them before. They got disappointed. Now they are worried about their security and safe return. It is just by the grace of Allah Almighty that Mujahidin are bestowed with such potency that they subjugated a colossal power like America in the world and dragged it to the present condition. At that time the American might have thought that these operations will calm down the resistance by pressurizing a limited number of people. Later on they realized that it is communal resistance. Every stone can change into entrenchment. Therefore they got disappointed from this type of operations and went into defensive position.

Question: In the west particularly in America the authorities are facing the question that whether they have won or lost war in Afghanistan. For example in the recent past the vice president of America, Jo Biden faced this type of questions and later on, the top American commander in Afghanistan, Jan Alan faced severe criticism and queries of the American parliament. Can you tell us the reason of the American authorities’ bafflement and vacillation and where the state of affairs is going, towards success or loss?

Answer: According to my opinion the real point does not lie in victory or defeat but in the open confession of defeat. Therefore the high ranking American generals objected several times that the media should not say anything about losing the war. But some others are of the opinion that if we do not confess the defeat ourselves, the history will not conceal us and will record us as the historical liars of the American nation. On the other hand the American people have now completely lost their trust in their authorities. They tested their recurring fib. Their false promises which they made about the war in Afghanistan frequently did not come true. Their country is facing an internal chaos because of this war. Their sons and relatives were killed. Their tax money was squandered. The American people can no more trust in their governments and politicians. Now the Americans generally differ that the defeat is not in their control rather they are facing it un-intentionally; but this defeat should be honorable so that the international prestige of American could be secured to some extent. The present difference of opinion is, whether this defeat should be officially acknowledged or not. This is the key reason that prominent generals are resigning and shifting on the daily basis. Everyone tries not to be the witness of the scene of vanquish. The Republicans have a mind that the trounce should be announced and completed in the Democrats’ period. The whites hope that the overthrow should be declared under the leadership of blacks. This was the reason that some of the generals committed such demeanors which resulted in their dismissal. All that resulted in the resignation of general David Petraeus and Jan Alan was an intentional and deliberate action. The present general that the Americans are considering to appoint as the commander of their forces in Afghanistan, belongs to the blacks. In this way the responsibility should be laid down on the second level citizens in America about all the chaos related to the Afghanistan war. The defeat is unalterable, whether they like it or not because the circumstances are not in their favor.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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