Europe deserves better than this mess.

Europe deserves better than this mess.

British citizens have voted. and we respect their vote. But it is clear that many people in Britain, after deciding the exit of the European Union regretted their choice the day after the referendum.The British people realized that many of the arguments that had been submitted to them were false, as admitted by Brexit leadership.

June 23 2016 referendum is not legally binding and the British government has not yet initiated the exit procedure for the European Union, a petition launched on the initiative of British citizens is calling for a new vote.

We, European citizens are convinced of the merits of a humanist European project and we support this initiative. On behalf of the values ​​that we share, we are calling for a new vote in Britain. There is still time to find the way to build the union, and finally together, another face of Europe. An Europe synonymous with freedom, progress, prosperity, social justice and peace.


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