Iran why do we have to support President Rohani

We have serious reasons to support President Rohani

I am back from Iran and I have to share my deepest concerns

In Teheran they are clear signs of nervousness by opponents of moderate yet popular government of Dr. Rohani,like the "sabotage"by Iran's hard-liners using mass executions to undermine the nuclear deal

Opponents are also preparing the next parliamentary elections :

"“Rouhani's success in negotiating a nuclear deal and economic recovery will end up marginalizing [hardliners] politically for at least a few years." - Farideh Farhi, University of Hawaii at Manoa."

Dr Rohani success in negotiations will set the stage for improvement in the economy and strengthen his position to fight corruption and restore human rights in the country.

Some of his opponents who have been looting the country's wealth ,specially during the last decade, can only scape prosecution if the current negotiation fails. President Obama faces similar situation with war mongers in his country who see the end of their profiteering from illegal wars like Iraq that have led to massive civilian casualties.

(see also this article sorry it's in french Catherine Ashton compared with Saddam Hussein by the conservatives-

If US bends over to AIPAC and other pressure groups, President Rohani and his team of reformists who are the only hope of Iranian people become irrelevant. Judging from inside the country , President Rohani is under more pressure than his US counterpart who has more room to maneuver

The situation is getting scarier by the day .

President Rohani's position can be underminded further if the negociations do not succeed 

France has to review her position and maybe Laurent Fabius could be inspired to lead a new policy in the Persian Gulf in these troubled times as KSA is trying to isolate Qatar.

France enjoys excellent relationships with KSA and others GCC countries included Qatar.

Maybe Laurent Fabius would be the one who could build a bridge over strait  of Hormuz for peace and security in the region.


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