FACEBOOK your friend in life and death

A new Sunday episode in our series:My privacy disappears in one click.
You may have a FACEBOOK page in life and death I have already published an article"the state of utopia in respect to our privacy in digital age"this time reality exceeds fiction.this morning,thanks to tweeter, i discovered ,that FACEBOOK registers followers via WIKIPEDIA,giving them their own pages which in turn attracts followers.
Hence author Hermann Hesse who died in 1962 has his own FACEBOOK page which in turn has attracted 559.876 readers.then surprisingly discovered that,i also had a FACEBOOK PAGE which i had closed several months ago(with a great deal of difficulty)
What a fascinating subject for lawmakers.
The question of the treatment of post-mortem data is a lawless area,the law stipulates that ,the inheritors can request the removal of data.
The heirs of the deceased(after proving their identities) can demand the updating of the personal data of the deceased,recording of the person`s death and henceforth the consequence of the deceased upon such information.upon heirs request,the controler(operator)must justify,without cost to the applicant,the operations that are required under the previous sub
The right to anonymity(oblivion)on the internet is vast and the French Senate attempted to tackle it in the 2008 vote.
The question of the day is ;how can i stop this intrusion into my private life and if so,how?

I don`t want a FACEBOOK page
More three months ago, I closed my FACEBOOK account.

I don`t want a WIKIPEDIA page,ratifying,corrections , control process, are slow and poorly constructed.

I can already hear the comments being made ; she is in public life ,a politician so she must expect intrusion into her private life... yes and no...
I open this debate on social network ,this morning or, am i not entitled to refuse to have a WIKIPEDIA or FACEBOOK page ?
Knowing the right to remain anonymous does not exist on the internet,nor the effective right to compensation , court judgements are often symbolic ,as for withdrawals or corrections,they are only an illusion .
Am i still a little bit in control of my personal life?I have the weakness to think,YES and YOU?
the thought -provoking accounts on behalf of deceased unknowns,men,women,authors,singers,politicians,and thousands of others who are put into theFACEBOOK accounts which in turn artificially increases their account numbers and dare i say,their share prices.

What an amazing subject !

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