Gabby and Nelson

Barbados completes one of the last few steps before ending the colonial relationship with The United Kingdom


 Dr. The Most Honourable Anthony Gabby Carter (our Gabby) is one of Barbados’ cultural lighthouses. He is a musician and a poet, and we can hardly separate the poet from the musician. This is the poem that he published recently, after Nelson’s statue was removed from Trafalgar Square in Bridgetown on 16 November 2020.

 For those who aren’t familiar with the Caribbean, the poem is written in Bajan English, like all of Gabby’s poems.

 For your information, next year (2021), on the occasion of its 55th independence Anniversary, Barbados will become a Republic, thus ending the colonial relationship with the British Crown.

 Here’s Gabby’s Poem:




Hello Former Great Britain


I'm your Former Colonial Son


I'm sending dis Text

(Don’t get vex)


Tuh let chuh know

My work on Nelson is done


My Comrades

Friends and Colleagues


Opted for Dignity


To preserve it

To reserve it


When I wanted it

Dumped into the sea!


They prospective

Was more acceptable


Might bring us

Long Time gain


In warm Tourism Dollars


From you and him


Caused us pain


At the climax of the ceremony


Most unceremoniously


I saw a truck

(With Nelson at de back)


Heading fast into History


He was lying

In some Plywood


Or some other cheap

Deserving Disgrace


If I could have gotten Close Enough


I would have spat on his face!


Slowly they drove him

Up Broad street


A man mean and unkind


Bajans dressed

In their clothing of his day


With a solemn

Tuk band behind


The people

Stood there in Silence


At last they got their wish


The Removal

 Of Nelson's Statue


Good riddance to Rubbish!


Some joked and said

Crumbz Bakery


Would look good

Placed right there


I said oh no!

Nanny Grig or Cuffy


Would bring Joy

To de atmosphere


And so....

Former Great Britain


I have more news for you


By the 30th of November

(Next year)


We'll be ....

A Republic Too!


Oh you

Former Great Britain


(Now known as the U.K)



Is set upon you


Your Power

And your Presence


Is quickly fading away!


In this beautiful island


You once called

Little England


Your influence is waning


For Proudly now we Stand


Your sins are not forgotten


Nor how

You behaved like Sharks


Our Psyche

And Economic Picture


Still vividly bear the Marks


We are...


 An Invincible People


We'll break

Each Bond

Each Chain


You and Nelson

Could not hold us


And so....

We'll Rise Again!

 Written November 22nd ,2020. From 7.47 am to 8.13 am.

By: Dr. The Most Honourable Anthony Gabby Carter

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