Phage therapy : the fight goes global

After 9 months of offensive in French - 10 thousand mails toward MPs etc. - we extend the tussle in Europe and abroad. The first answers we got are very interesting i.e. they confirm our analysis. We shall continue in September. Nice summer to everybody !

The editorial process

The publications are on Zenodo and the access gate is the site Who will save Gloria ?

Another set of metaphors

Writing directly in another language allows the emergence of new figures of rhetoric.

From these new representations, the discourse is somehow " new " i.e. " If you read us in French, you will gain reading us in English

The factory paradigm versus the garage paradigm

This was our first observation one year ago : so called experts in ANSM etc. are in the wrong paradigm !

Their mind set is about chemicals and they are " out " when thinking the live process of phages killing bacterias.

This is what we develop in the first publication. 

The realm of fancy discourse

As so called experts are unable to say " we are not in the right movie " they produce extravagant discourse : weird discourse, unreal discourse, bizarre discourse, etc.

This is the theme of the second publication.

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