Mediapart English wants your views!

Mediapart English, the English-language section of Mediapart, invites your blog contributions about whatever topic stirs you, concerning France or elsewhere in the world, which can be published here on our homepage Club column in a spirit of debate and exchange.

As a subscriber to Mediapart, you will know that you have a blog with which to express your opinions and debate with other subscribers. With almost 120,000 subscribers, there’s a lot of potential exchange.

Here on Mediapart English, we’d like to encourage readers to join in posting blog contributions in English. These are automatically catalogued in the regularly updated section marked above “Depuis 48 heures” , which lists all blog posts from the last 48 hours which subscribers can run through and comment upon, or just read.

If you post a piece on your blog it can also be selected and published by us here on the Mediapart English homepage, giving it greater exposure. We’re interested in reading what you have to say about all topics, and there’s certainly no lack of issues, in France and further afield, that prompt lively debate at the moment. Or you might simply want to comment on an exhibition you’ve visited, or a film you’ve seen.

But this interactive column is also open to invited contributors, "Les Invités de Mediapart", and who are not necessarily subscribers. For that, it suffices to contact Mediapart English editorial (see below) with the text of your contribution, and we will rapidly decide on its publication. Such guests in the past have included members of NGOs and militant associations, academics, journalists and politicians including former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. So if you know of someone, or a group of writers (or an organization) who would wish to put across their views on a topic or draw attention to an issue please do let them know we’d be interested to hear from them.

The Mediapart English team will be looking out for your blog posts, but if you have written one please do let us know about it by contacting the editorial team directly via the internal Mediapart mail system (just click on Graham, as appears above right, or michael streeter). Or both.

With very best regards to all our readers and with thanks, as ever, for your support of this independent online journal.

Graham Tearse and Michael Streeter,

Mediapart English editorial team.

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