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Welcome if you have just joined us and a big thanks to all those who have been following us since the English-language pages of Mediapart launched on October 4th.

To read a detailed introduction about Mediapart English and how the articles are put together please click here.

While we continue to build up our coverage, we hope that you've found our mix of stories over the past weeks provides an interesting insight into issues shaping France today. These include the pension reforms debate, Mediapart's investigations into the Bettencourt and Karachi affairs, the statistics that shed light on growing social tensions and the fall from grace of French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner all of which have been prominent news stories since our launch.

Of course, the site is not limited to French news, as illustrated by our English version of Mediapart's exclusive interview with Liu Xia, wife of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, after she was placed under house arrest, and which hit headlines around the world.

Some of the articles on these pages concern complex investigations led by Mediapart over many months, and you'll begin to see 'dossiers' build up as we go along, such as with the Bettencourt and Karachi affairs. Mediapart's extensive, and often exclusive, coverage of both will provide an essential reference point for understanding the key issues involved.

Fundamental to Mediapart is the participative nature of the site, and we would like to encourage Mediapart English readers to tell us what they think. We received an enthusiastic and very encouraging reception at launch, and our thanks again to all those who wrote in. We are very keen to know what you think about our coverage since, and your views about the issues involved.

By subscribing to Mediapart (see conditions and introductory offer detailed top left of the Mediapart English Home Page) you have access to the Mediapart Club and its interactive platforms, which includes the creation of your own blog that can appear in the 'live' right hand column of the Home Page, where this sits. You also, of course, have complete access to the site's French pages, special offers and invitations to regularly organised events.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Graham Tearse.

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