SIA Flight Catches Fire While Making Emergency Landing in Singapore

A Singapore Airlines flight to Milan caught fire early Monday morning while making an emergency landing in Singapore, but all passengers on board escaped unharmed. Flight SQ368 departed Changi Airport for Milan at 2.05am on Monday. The flight was forced to turn back to Singapore after an engine oil warning message, SIA said in a statement.

I was really impressed by the Captain's control. He made his decision not to evacuate before the fire fighters put out the fire masterfully. 

He kept passengers seated and there was absolutely no panic aboard.

Passengers left the airplane using normal stairs a few minutes later, after the fire was extinguished. This happy and 100% optimized issue shows the crew was strongly trained in the making decision.  

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But for sure this Captain's decision can be discussed or even disapproved on regards the risk of rapid fire extension, and the time lost before a becoming necessary evacuation. From another hand the left hand side of the aircraft always has been secure, and the evacuation could be launched at any time.
As for me, I rather think that he had an accurate situation awareness, but maybe I am wrong ?


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