Does anyone have any doubt about what the intention with Venezuela is not the culture or his people and its sweetness. It’s about oil, and natural resources?


José Muchnik

Poet Anthropologist


Not a poem or declaration or proclaim, this is a cry I don't have neurons left to put thoughts together, or blue metaphors to paint others skies. A cry is the only thing growing out from my impotence against such greed and cynicism displayed. A cry through political gaps cultured by sewers of rentable hatred. A cry carrying a flood of history, a cry with echoes of tears and exiles. A cry coming down from far ancestors, full of wars, concentration camps, massacres. A desperate cry in front of a huge amount of hate, which carries us through a terrible past. A cry of love. If not, why crying?

A cry talking about infamy

Not a one day infamy, or passing through evaporated from wallow flaps, infamy, humiliation, racism, genocides from“ horsemen “ domesticating Indians and American Land. Monumental sack, thousand and thousand tons of silver, gold, tin, precious Woods…..feeding emerging European capitalism. Thousands of thousands African slaves, submitted to that “ noble Enterprise “.Does anyone pay? Mister and Misses, does anyone pay for material and spiritual damage? Are we smart enough to think that what Donald and associates are interesting in is freedom and democracy in Venezuela? Didn’t they steal Texas, Arizona, and California from Mexico? Didn’t they make Cuba a “whore protectorate”? Didn’t they separate Panama from Colombia to build the Canal for their utilization? Didn’t they help bloody dictatorships in Latin America? Trujillo in Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, Batista in Cuba, Duvalier in Haiti… More? Do you need more examples? The coup against Joao Goulart in Brazil, or against Salvador Allende in Chile? Supporting “ Democratic” Military Junta in Argentina. Torture, killing, responsible for 30.000 missing people, “death flights”, new born sold-out. Is there anyone Smart enough to believe, that Donald Trump’s goal, is supporting freedom in Venezuela?

A cry talking about hypocrisy They manipulate “human rights”, and “Democracy “They became an anti – sprinkle cream, to look like interventions. Terrible make up, we see the teeth, under a beauty mask. Does anyone have any doubt about what the intention with Venezuela is not the culture or his people and its sweetness. It’s about oil, and natural resources? Does anyone have any doubt about which the interest in Irak was, when it was invaded in 2003? Does anyone have any doubt about the terrible consequences of that invasion? Hypocrisy, evil. Hypocrites also Donald Trump’s European partners, aligned with this manic leader. They need oil and natural resources too. They also make business from wars. To recognize a “president in charge “self proclaimed in a park? To recognize a parallel government “made in Trump”? Where is respect for republican principles? Defense of democracy? Who is selling weapons to the Saudi monarchy for its wars? How many thousand deaths in Yemen? And the scar wall on Mexico’s border? And kids in cages? And immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean sea? Human rights? And Lula in jail to facilitate Bolsonaro’s election. Did Donald complain? Did European leaders complain? Who? Hypocrisy, evil, and “dwarf rights “


A cry talking to us about servitude

From those who are waiting for a smile from their boss, while polishing his boots. A smile and some dollars in turn, even only some. Brazilian partners, colombian, argentines…..from Donald. They also have their own piece of the cake, their deals, “off shore companies”, dollars“abroad”…… And Latin-American Unity ideals? Bolivar, San Martin and O Higgins ideals?

Servitude clap when they have to, open doors and umbrellas, gather chairs… stiff courtesy, stiff smiles, studied script. The play may have different approaches, but the same conducting thread. We can see the“savoir-faire “

Those who doesn’t follow the script….. Economic blockage, hunger, “popular” revolts, venal allies….. Everything in the name of Democracy, in the name of Democracy blockages, in the name of Democracy pillages.

A cry talking about…a cry talking… I’m sorry, I can’t cry, I’m old, my throat is stiff, memories coming, tears can’t come out. The verb is becoming slow, hope is thin. I’m short of breath, only some whispers come out. Don’t worry we will continue fighting, whispering till the last breath.

A whisper claiming for dove’s ¡ Peace ¡ Leave Venezuela alone! Let Venezuelans decide ¡Let them sit around a table, eat“arepas" and let words be stronger tan war. History is wise. Fighting among brothers, the Bible knows about that. Donald and his ugly ducks won’t bring peace, they will bring hatred and misery. There’s not another chance than talking between brothers although they don’t love each other. And you Lords of death, bomb builders, and “false democracies “. Leave Venezuela alone. Is that sweet country, dangerous to the US? Is it dangerous for Europe? Too many beautiful women? Too much“salsa “and “maracas? “ Too many Good people? Do not repeat crimes. You are responsible in front of Humanity and History.

A whisper claiming for air, humanity, ethics, moral.

Worms that rot the apple are not located in the Caribbean or the Atlantic Ocean, neither in Caracas nor in Paris, neither in New York nor in Beijing. The worm is not located in the sea, land, or air. It is placed in the mind of those who rule the “system”. Can financial accountability matter more than human beings? May men and women, be consider disposable gears of a productive machine? Enter Google with the appropriate words, look for “Amazon working condition” or “Mac Donald’s” or “Carrefour”, enter and look for “ concentration of wealth in the world “, look for “IMF leader’s salary” , “World Bank”, “European Union”…. Get in and discover excess of greed, selfishness…. Lack of humanity, solidarity, fraternity. Can a CEO from a multinational company, earn more in one month, than what a Venezuelan farmer, a Pakistani worker, or Senegal teacher, earns in their whole lives? Can big mining companies, or agro food companies, slave nature, destroy woods, contaminate water, sterilize soil, searching for maximum benefits? What benefits? For whom? For what?


A whisper a quiet cry, a desperate silence to beg you: Leave Venezuela alone!!!.... Start looking for lice in your own hair.

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