International investigation on a cocaine affaire

An investigation into an international smuggling ring of cocaine following the discovery in the port of Genoa of 100 kg of drug



MSC Nuria is a container ship built in 2008. Its international navigation code is 9349825 and it’s registered with the Panama maritime registry.

Its destination scheduled for June 18th is the Port of Liverpool, coming from Montreal, Canada, where the ship was on June 10th.

On June 14th the container ship was in Genova, Italy, where the Direzione Distrettuale Antimafia (DIA) together with the customs Agency found out 100 kg of cocaine hidden inside a refrigerated container transporting frozen fish.

The frozen fish was destined to a commercial company in Milan, that is supposed to have been sold it in the Milan neighborhood. 

Coke was concealed inside two bags hidden under tons of frozen fish.

Investigations are now trying to identify the international route followed by the drug, which means where do the buyers are living and what was its supposed final destination.

All the sea ports reached by the cargo  before docking at the Genoa port will be examined in the next days, in particular the stops in South American countries (Perù), in the attempt to identify the port of departure for cocaine. Moreover, with the help of the Milan Antidrugs Police force checks will be carried out to verify if the final destination of the drug was Milan, or instead that was only a stage in the transport journey. (cm)

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